Best Vegan Turkish Delight Valentines Day Recipe

As the season of love is here, we bet you must be thinking of all the great ways of surprising your sugar boo with the perfect Valentine gifts. Every single one of you has something unique to offer to the love of your life and that is what makes them love you even more! But one trait that is shared by lovers around the globe is the feeling of appreciation for the efforts put in by their other half to make them happy.

Best Vegan Turkish Delight Valentine’s Day Recipe

This Valentine’s, make some extra efforts for your earth-loving vegan partner, to make this day memorable and get the perfect valentine gifts for her or him, by putting in some extra brownie efforts. Mostly when people talk about making something for their lover on this day, they instantly think about baking Valentine cakes, which is sweet but also kinda cliched! We suggest you make something deliciously unique like- Turkish Delight! We know we said vegan and we will give a vegan recipe for sure!

As the name advertises, this is a traditional Turkish dessert, dry dusted sweet rose-scented pieces are perfect for your vegan valentine surprise, so without further ado, let’s make some delightful Vegan Turkish Delight.

Servings: 10 Lipsmacking Yields

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Prepare Time: 10 Minutes

Total Time: 20 Minutes ( That’s fast, right?)

To make this Vegan delight, you will need:

  • 800 milliliters water
  • One and a half cups of rose water, for aroma and flavor
  • One tiny teaspoon of beetroot juice, for that deep valentine, themed color
  • One whole cup of powdered natural sugar or if you prefer you can use ¾ cup of xylitol
  • 80 grams of tapioca flour
  • Four full tablespoons of agar powder, as its vegan we suggest you don’t use normal jelly powder

Next, for the top sugar dusting:

  • Four big arrowroot powder
  • Half a cup of natural powdered sugar

After gathering all the needed ingredients, let’s get down to baking:

  • Take a big bowl, pour 100 ml water into it, add tapioca flour in the same and mix well. After that keep the bowl aside and prepare a baking tin with filter paper.
  • Take the remaining water in a huge heating bowl, add agar powder to the heating water and keep stirring, next add sugar in the mix and keep on mixing until the water boils. Then keep the water on a low flame until the powder and sugar dissolves completely.
  • After that pour the water into a blender and add earlier made flour mix into the same. Keep on blending until the mixture is smooth and well made. Then add beetroot juice and start blending. Once the mixture is thick and smooth, pour the mixture back into the heating bowl.
  • Keep the mixture on low-medium heat, keep stirring until you feel that the mixture is well mixed and stretchy enough. Then put the flame out and add rose water and
  • keep on mixing until it dissolves completely.
  • Now pour the mixture into the prepared pan, tap it on a table to even it out, and let it freeze overnight!
  • Next, prepare the dry sugar icing by mixing arrowroot powder and natural sugar properly to make a fine powder. Once the delights are made, sprinkle the icing on them and your delights are ready to be served.

The delights are absolutely delicious and extremely easy to prepare. Therefore anyone can make them, just pair the made delicacy with thought Valentine Personalised gifts and your valentines will be amazing, trust us on this! So, put in a little work and make your love happy, happy valentine’s from us to you & yours!