Big Party, Small Budget - Here's How You Can Plan A Party In Budget

In life, every day should be a celebration. As the quote- “Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight, party tonight.” ― By Drake, goes.

From enjoying our successes to getting a lesson from our failures, life has and is continuously teaching us something. And parties are something which encourages us all to raise the bar a little higher each time we succeed.

Not just to encourage the highs and lows, but also to appreciate the presence of someone dear in our life, we throw a party to honour them. On birthdays, anniversaries, and other such life milestones, we raise a toast in the name of our loved ones. And when it comes to throwing a party for a loved one, it should be the best party of the decade. And to throw that best party, we got to start by making a note of our finances.

 Big Party, Small Budget - Here's How You Can Plan A Party In Budget

The concept of the budget would have surely crossed your mind, if you are planning a surprise party for someone dear. But let us tell you that if you were thinking of planning a party, you need to spend extravagantly on all the party essentials, then you are highly mistaken. All you have to do is to organise a party to firstly start by fixing up your budget and then accordingly purchasing the significant things, one by one.

Like, for instance, if you are organising a birthday party, then something like a birthday cake would be essential, amongst other things. Here are a few tips which will help you while planning a birthday party from scratch. Remember, it need not have to be a big affair, it can be a small, cordial one with the ones who matter to the birthday boy/girl. And before we begin, let us tell you that you don’t need a huge bank balance to throw a nice party.

1. Invitations

Our motto should be - To keep it simple yet significant! As it is not a wedding or some other formal event, we can do our bit of cost-cutting by sending the invites online. Why? Simply because every person that is on your guest list is probably working online or scrolling through their social media accounts. So, it will not just be convenient at your end but also their end as they will get all the necessary party details on their email ids. You can look for some cool birthday invitation templates online or directly create an events page on Facebook (provided that all your guests are active while handling their FB accounts).

Plan invitation for birthday party

2. Party Decor

Most of the fancy birthday decorations we use are meant for one-time use, which is why we would suggest you make some colourful streamers and bday sashes at home. You can look for some Youtube videos which will help you prepare these birthday decor items. Also, as per your imagination and creativity, you can reuse your old collection of crockeries, boxes, candles, vases, etc., to come up with something new as a centrepiece.

Plan Party Decoration

3. Menu

A small menu consisting of some delightful treats can leave everyone gushing at brunch the next morning. As it is a birthday party, you can satisfy your bunch of guests over some appetisers or small bites. The call is yours whether to design a non-veg or a veg birthday party menu, looking at what’s feasible to you and what the people would mostly prefer. Chips, noodles, pizza, pasta are some popular options that you can go with to suit your crowd. Also, if it’s for some Lil buddies, then you got to offer some juice or cold drinks. If not, then you can suit your bar menu for the adults accordingly.

Finalize the menu for birthday party

4. Birthday Cake

When it calls for birthday celebrations, how can we miss discussing a show-stopping birthday cake. Right? Precisely, everyone attends a birthday party for a piece of cake, so one can quite understand what a crucial role a birthday cake has to play. So, to get the best birthday cake for your loved one, you can either order it from some reputed online bakery or can even bake on your own. While the former option gives you the choice to avail exciting discounts and coupons on some delightful cakes, the latter option will make the occasion extra special, knowing that the cake has been baked with your love.

 Select the best cake for birthday party

5. Music

Can you even imagine a birthday party without some good party songs? Absolutely not! Right? So, download some music application on your android or IOS device from the play store and plug in your music system to it. If you have a Bluetooth speaker or a home theatre, then you are already sorted. Be the DJ of your loved one’s birthday party and make everyone dance like there’s no one watching them.

Select the best Music

This was all about planning a great party on a budget which will have the same effect as the pricier ones. Along with all these factors, you can plan some interesting games that your party people will enjoy playing.

Always remember, it’s not the money that matters. It’s about having a great time with friends, good food and music, and letting out all those epic stories that are worth. Make it a party to remember, be the best host/hostess in your town, by simply following these tips.

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