7 Ways to Play with Cake Designs

You don't have to be a self-proclaimed artist to turn your sweets into a work of art. The decoration is certainly an art. However, we can also make original cake decorations at home so that the cakes look instantly beautiful and delicious: a little manual work and a little creative mind will be enough to make your cake design unique, even without cream. Here are 7 Interesting Ways by which you can smartly play with the Cake Designs. Let’s start with different cake designs ideas:

cake designs ideas

1. Stencil and Icing Sugar for a Quick Decoration

Among the simplest and fastest-paced cake decorations, there are definitely decorations with icing sugar. In addition to simply dusting icing sugar on your cake, in fact, you can do drawings or writing using stencils of any size you want: from simple strips to hearts, stars, even flowers.

Icing Sugar for a Quick Cake Decoration

2. Heartfelt Message on the Cake

Apart from the design and frosting, a heartfelt caption for your loved ones coming straight from your heart is enough to make her feel. You can choose any caption that is thoughtful and expresses your feelings in the best way possible, or you can go ahead and write a special message for the receiver. Both of these will mean something special to the receiver and will convey your heartfelt feelings effortlessly.

 Heartfelt Message on the Cake

3. Embroidery or Sprinklers

Embroidery is no longer just for your clothes. Get crafty with a tiny, small sprinkle to make a cake that looks good. Or sprinkle your cake with colored sugar sprinkles, and you're good to go. You can use templates in different patterns and shapes to create designs with sprinkles. A beautiful cake is ready with very little effort!

 Embroidery or Sprinklers Cake

4. Chocolate or Candies

Are you looking for some kid-friendly birthday cake design ideas? But do not know how to decorate the cake without a tool. Trust chocolate and candy. Whether you stack them between the layers, cover the entire cake with them, sprinkle them on top or use them to make their names early on, children always fall in love with cakes decorated with chocolate, candy, and sweets. A perfect cake for kids!

 Chocolate or Candies Cake

5. Fruits and Berries

In summer, nothing can compete with fruits and berries. The candy of nature deserves a pedestal. So, top the mouthwatering cake with fresh fruits and berries. You can also add fruit slices between the layers of the cake to give your cake a fresh taste. In winter, you can go with dry fruits. When using fresh fruits to decorate, add them to the cake before serving.

 Fruits and Berries Cake

6. Photo on the cake

A photo cake can instantly win the receiver's heart, as it can be topped with a picture of you and the receiver, a picture that is close to your heart. You can also choose a picture of the receiver to make him or her special. All you need to do is visit any reputed online bakery and ask for your requirements and get online cake delivery at your doorsteps.

 Photo on the cake

7. Balloon Cake

Balloon cake is a rage these days. Give your party a little touch with colorful cheer and your cake with balloon lollipops and cute balloon cake toppers. Be creative and experiment with mini-foiled numbers and letter balloons. A perfect and interesting way to play with your cake design.

 Balloon Cake

Apart from that, you can opt for designer cakes and play a little with them smartly, personalizing them the way you like them. Happy decoration!