Can I Bonsai An Avocado Plant?

Yes, you can bonsai an avocado tree! And the answer to ‘how’ is here:

can you bonsai an avocado tree

What do you need to make a bonsai of an Avocado plant?

- The plant that you need to pick to make bonsai must have an attractive bark and attractive foliage.

- The plant should have flowers in balanced size and it must be pliable.

- Don’t pick from the avocado tree that has large leaves because they do not make a good specimen for bonsai.

You need to get the pit of avocado fruit to start afresh to find the answer to the question ‘can you bonsai an avocado tree?

How to sprout the pit?

- A small-mouth jar filled with water, three toothpicks, and a bright window are all you need to start making a bonsai avocado.

- On the very first step, insert the toothpicks around the circumference of the pit horizontally about 2/3 from the rounded bottom. Doing this will let you place the toothpicks on the rim of the jar, and suspend the pit into the water.

- One of the important things to keep in mind is that you should have enough water in the jar that the bottom 1/2 inch of the seed stays submerged.

- If everything is done well enough, the avocado pit will sprout in about 6 weeks.

- Take care of the new sprouted growth and allow the plant to grow to a height of about 6 inches.

- The next step is to encourage root development which can be done by pinching back the growth to 3 inches.

- Plant the avocado tree in rich soil, once the stem produces leaves so that the top half of the pit is exposed.

Pruning Your Avocado Bonsai

- Pinching and pruning are important to make avocado bonsai, and doing this will also strengthen the trunk.

- Pruning should be done with proper care, and hence you need to have sterilized scissors.

- Dip the pruning scissors in a solution of 9 parts of water and 1 part of bleach for around 5 minutes.

- Use the sterilized scissors to prune your avocado bonsai.

How To Train a Bonsai Avocado Plant?

- Before starting training your avocado bonsai, you need to make sure which side of the avocado tree will be the front view of the bonsai.

- For training the horizontal growth of the branches, use the aluminum wire made for bonsai gardening.

- Wrap the wire around the branches snugly but not tightly. If the wire is too tightened it will restrict the plant.

- Using wire lets you bend the branches in the direction you want.

- Keep pruning and training your avocado bonsai every year.

- Make sure to change the wires for avoiding girdling on the tree branch.

You also need to take proper care of the Live plant in terms of sunlight, water requirements, soil type, and fertilizers.