Can You Grow Pothos in Water?

Most people grow their pothos plant in soil but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you too have to follow the trend. It is very much possible to grow pothos in water with the assistance of some fertilizers added in the water that will offer nutrients to the plant and will assist in the growth of pothos. Also, don’t start thinking about the heavy prives of the fertilizers as no high level stuff is required. You can easily grow the pothos plant in a container or vase with simply filling it with tap water. That’s how terrarium plants are! A beautiful vase filled with water and greenery coming out of it. The most beneficial thing about growing the pothos in water is that you won’t have to worry about watering the plants or maintaining the soil.

 Can You Grow Pothos in Water

For the ones wondering how will the pothos develop and grow without soil, here’s a short explanation. Most of the plants don’t require soil to grow, they just need the water and nutrients that soil provides. So, as long as you provide your plants with these necessary elements, your plants are good to grow!

Pothos plants are anything but difficult to develop from cuttings that are put in water. They will develop easily in a container or a jar, as long as you give them a few supplements and adequate sunlight. Remember that Pothos plants are tough and can sustain in a wide range of conditions. So, any container that can hold water will get the job done.

Thing You’ll Need

➢Glass Jar, vase, or bottle
➢Tap water
➢All-purpose liquid fertilizer

How to Grow Pothos Plant in Water?

➢Firstly, select the container or jar. In starting, you can go for a transparent container that will let you see the growth of the stems in the water. Once you pass that phase, prefer a darker vase to avoid the growth of algae in water.
➢Now, fill the jar with clean water. You can fill it with tap water. Make sure that the water is not chlorinated. If the water is chlorinated, leave it for one day so that the chlorine evaporates before you put in the new plant.
➢Now comes the fertilizer. Add a few drops in the water Any liquid fertilizer will be enough for the growth of different types of pothos. If you are not aware about the fertilizers brands, then you can visit your local nursery or a shop and they will recommend you one.
➢Once all this is done, place the plant cutting in your container. Make sure that the ends with the cut are soaked in water. Wait for a few weeks and the roots will develop from the cuttings.
➢Every two weeks, change the water because water loses oxygen over time. So, changing the water will renew the oxygen in the container.
➢A few roots can be exposed to the air and that is beneficial as well. But most of the roots should be totally covered with water. This is the ultimate secret for pothos care!
➢Add ¼ diluted fertilizer every 4-5 weeks so that the plants have sufficient nutrients. Also, make sure that you clean the algae from the water. Don’t use chemicals to eliminate that because it might affect the roots of pothos. Instead, you can use a soft toothbrush or a cloth to get the job done. While you clean the container, you can transfer the plan to another container.

Grow Pothos Plant in Water

So, that answers your question: how to grow pothos in the water? Grow your own pothos plant in the water at home and share us the photographs on our social media pages! Happy planting!