FlowerAura’s Celeb on Call is the New Way to Express Love

Digital gifts are slowly coming in trend and FlowerAura has already launched a wide range of digital online gifts. People are always in quest to express their love and appreciation in new and unique ways. To help these people in expressing their emotions perfectly and in an amazing manner, we have launched the digital gift- Celeb on Call! Yes, a video message recorded by your dear one’s favorite celebrity. With this exclusive online digital service, you can send video messages to your special ones in which your chosen celebrity will say the wishes and messages that you want to convey.

FlowerAura’s Celeb on Call is the New Way to Express Love

Imagine receiving a call from your favorite celebrity that you watched last night on some TV series. You will be on the seventh heaven if you receive such a celebrity call. Now imagine the happiness that your dear ones will be filled with when they receive such a call. The excitement level will be on the top and they will appreciate your sweet gesture forever. With FlowerAura’s celebrity video message services, you can add charm to the special celebrations of your loved ones easily. You can book the celeb video message for different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, or let’s say that you just want to impress someone or express your love, gratitude, sorry, or you want to congratulate someone for their achievement. We have also listed up some of the Instagram celebrities, real life influencers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, and many more celebrities. You can even send personalised inspirational and motivational video messages through celebrity call service.

What’s amazing about this service is that we have managed to put together different celebrities. From singers to actors to models to influencers to many more public figures, you will have a wide selection of celebrities to choose from. So, if any special occasion is around, then try expressing your wishes with this amazing service. You and your loved ones will surely be delighted.

How to Avail Celeb Video Message Service?

Visit FlowerAura and you will find the celeb on call option. Visit that web page and choose the celebrity that you want to record the message for you. Fill in the details of the recipient like name, age, email, mobile number, and the occasion. Along with it, you can also mention some other details of the recipient and the wishes that you want to send. Proceed to the checkout and make the online payment from your preferred payment mode. The personalized celebrity video message will be sent to the recipient at your desired time that you will mention.

Yes! As simple as that. Express your love in this fabulous manner and fill your dear ones with joy. To explore many more digital gifts like this, head on to our digital gifts section where we have lined up gifts such as guitarist on call, singer on call, e-caricature, e-greeting card, etc. Go on and try these thoughtful gifts straight away! Happy gifting!