Celebrate Rakhi with Your Brother-in-Law

“Raksha Bandhan is a festival of brother-sister relationship.”

We all believe in this, and that’s the way we celebrate it, but the real meaning of this divine festival is all about love, protection, care, and concern. It means it can be celebrated among relations as well other than brother-sister. Apart from tying rakhi to brothers, sisters also tie rakhi to sister-in-law and even to nephews and nieces.

So just the same way, rakhi can also be celebrated with brother-in-law whether young or elder. And for those women who don’t have real brothers, celebrating Raksha Bandhan by tying the sacred thread on the wrist of a brother-in-law is a great idea.

Celebrate Rakhi with Your Brother-in-Law

There was a time when relations were not so open, but today people understand that some old cultures like keeping-a-hide from elder brother-in-law and not to be very frank with younger one needs to be demolished. You can look over the internet and can also go shopping in the local market to buy rakhi for brother in law. If you keep your efforts focused then there are fine chances that you will find a unique rakhi but if you don’t then there are many different types of rakhis that you can choose from. Rakhi threads like Pearl rakhi, Kundan rakhi, Zardoshi rakhi, Stone rakhi, Personalised Rakhi, and Divine Rakhi are easily available both online and offline. You can choose the rakhi thread as per the interest and liking of your brother-in-law. If he is a gym freak then you can buy a rakhi that depicts his love for the gym and if he is into studies then Padhaku rakhi is best and so on. As the market is evolving every second, you can search for latest rakhi for brother in law to adore his wrist with new and unique designs.

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Raksha Bandhan is not only about the precept of trying rakhi, but it is also the day to celebrate the bond. Brother-in-law, mostly young one, act like a copy of your real brother. They irritate you and help you the same way your brother does.

Take the example of Laxman Ji and Maiya Sita from the Indian mythological epic Ramayana. They both shared the purest and most respected bond as Devar and Bhabhi. Maiya Sita has showered her Sneh (love) on Laxman Ji, and he adored it like a gift.

It is for you that you should celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your brother-in-law with utmost merriment and you should shower some rakhi gifts on him along with the rakhi thread. It could be anything, from a small bar of chocolate to a whole combo pack. All that matters is your concern. And apart from buying sweets from the sweet shop, you should prepare sweets on your own. It can be a simple besan laddu or a chocolate barfi (if you have high sweet making skills).

The festival of rakhi is beyond limits and boundaries so if your brother-in-law resides in a place far away from you; you can make use of online services and send rakhi online to celebrate the bond that you both share. The whole point is that give a try to celebrate rakhi with brother-in-law, sister-in-law and other dear people of yours the same way you celebrate it with your real brother.

Don’t forget to recite a lovely message while tying rakhi like the one quoted below:

“We may not be bonded with the blood but we are bonded with love which is forever…. Happy Rakhi and lots of love and warm wishes to the most amazing brother in law on Raksha Bandhan”