Celebrate Your Day With Safe And Secure Quarantine Birthday Ideas

Almost every other person is excited for their birthday, but because of the pandemic and quarantine blues, it is nowhere possible to go out and celebrate your birthday. Besides, it is also not safe to mingle with people in COVID-19. But this shouldn’t kill the birthday vibes. There are many quarantine birthday ideas that you can shift for and make your born day memorable.

Securing yourself during these challenging times is necessary. But you should also celebrate the main days to keep yourself sane and cheerful even when you are locked. It is okay to feel sad but not left out and miserable. Therefore, we are here to help you with the quarantine birthday ideas that can lead your birthday pand-epic even in this pandemic.

Celebrate Your Day With Quarantine Birthday Ideas

So, scroll down to see how you can make your lockdown birthday fun and worth remembering…

1.Mandatory Cake

A birthday without cake is a big no. You might not be having enough ingredients to bake your favourite cake. Do not worry! Order birthday cake online and get your favourite flavour delivered at your doorstep with contactless delivery during COVID time. It is essential to be safe and to celebrate with all safety. Whichever cake you want, just browse and order. Your birthday is exceptional, so buy birthday cake online and ring into the new you on your very special day.

Mandatory Cake

2.Make Balloons Your Best Friend

It is okay if your friends are not present this year. Get yourself unique shaped balloons and make them a part of your party. These balloons will accompany you to your party and will give you positive vibes too. If you like single colour, go for it else, rainbow colours too would be best for your primary day. Go colourful this birthday. Flamboyant colours may fill extra colours and smiles in your life during the lockdown.

Make Balloons Your Best Friend

3.Dance Your Heart Out

Dancing is the best therapy one can choose to have. As your birthday comes when you are locked down, you can still celebrate it with dancing. You might not know exceptional moves, but you know how to dance, how to move your legs and shake your hands. So, make your pandemic epic with this quarantine birthday idea. We mean quarantine birthday dance.

Dance Your Heart Out

4.Go Camping in Your Garden

Do you have a good garden? If yes, arrange camping and barbecues there and enjoy your day to the fullest. When you cannot go out, go camping at your home just like you used to do in your childhood. Revisit your childhood memories with this quarantine birthday idea. Set a barbeque, tent, marshmallows and chicken pieces with veggies and sauce and celebrate your lockdown birthday with family.

Go Camping in Your Garden

5.Photo Shoot

If you are not going out to celebrate your birthday, this does not mean that you cannot have a birthday photoshoot. You can either make a photo booth where you can have funky pictures or get clicked random pictures with different props. You can use your bed or some DIY dress to make your birthday more exciting. Give best poses or get candid and see how beautiful pictures you get during quarantine. Make your quarantine birthday memorable with it.

Photo Shoot

6.Decorate Your Place

What if you are not throwing a party? That should not stop you from decorating any place at your home for your birthday. If you have a wonderful terrace, decorate it or your living space to get the birthday vibes. Everyone would join you through video call, and that decoration should give pure birthday vibes. All your near and dear ones would appreciate this quarantine birthday idea. Most importantly, you would appreciate yourself for putting in such efforts.

Decorate Your Place

7.Send Out Meals to Your Friends

When you talk about celebrating your birthday, cake and meal are the first things that come to anyone’s mind. Chill, your party, would be fab. Just send your friends either their favourite meal or a standard favourite meal that everyone would love. You would feel good, and your friends would enjoy a delicious meal with you just with a mandatory social distancing.

Send Out Meals to Your Friends

8.A Virtual Party

During the quarantine time, you might not be able to send invites to your close family and friends. It is okay; you are doing a favour to yourself and your loved ones by keeping them safe and secure in COVID-19. But you can launch a virtual lunch or dinner party with your dear ones. Cook a delicious meal, decorate your dining space, add cake and get party-ready with your family. Set a virtual party and see how your near ones join it with their lunch or dinner ready.

A Virtual Party

Final Thoughts

Do not get disheartened if your birthday is coming during the lockdown. The whole world is facing this corona crisis, and so are you. Keeping yourself and your family safe is your priority during the current situation, but that doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate your essential days. Just with precautions and home ideas, you can make your quarantine birthday special with your loved ones. We hope that these quarantine birthday ideas cheer you up and make your birthday unique and fabulous as you expected. Stay safe and keep celebrating!