Common Gifts For All Occasions

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy gifts, and that's pretty close. Life gives one - many reasons to celebrate or sometimes just to convey their deepest emotions. And what’s better than appreciating or wishing someone over some fantastic gift ideas. Be it across birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions or to convey deepest condolences or even it says hurray as someone graduates, gifts do it all! While some of us are so perfect in choosing gifts for any occasion, some others (like me) aren’t. If you are one of those people who would spend hours and hours looking for gifts for all occasion, then this is the blog meant for you. Over this blog, we shall take about a few gifts which are perfectly versatile to befitting under gifts for every occasion category. So, take leads from here and make it your time to shine.

Meaning of Life is to Find your Gift

1. Flowers

No doubt that flowers are a gift to the Earth. Since ages, flowers have been considered to be a timeless, classic gift item. As there have been flowers for every occasion and feeling, flowers make an excellent gift by leaving a very powerful memory for your loved ones. Their symbolisation and their exquisiteness are what makes floral gifts so mesmerising. Its natural hues and scent permeate a fond memory in the mind and heart of your loved one. Also, one doesn’t have to roam around to look for a perfect garden-fresh bouquet. With the advancement of technology, one can easily place their orders online and get it same day online gifts, in like no time.


2. Cakes

Someone wise said, “Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It's all about the memories.” And we now quite evidently know, as to why he/she said so! Adults or kids, with or without any occasion indulge into gifting happiness in the form of passing a delectable cake. It could be occasion-centric cake or rich-creamy, spongy cake topped with fruits and lots of freshly whipped cream. Be it whatever, cakes are the mother of all good things in the world and hence makes an undeniably great gifting item.


3. Chocolates

“Crunchy on the outside. Softness that melts inside your mouth.”

From being a cure for a broken heart to being a happy dose to every celebration, chocolate is everyone’s favourite and makes an excellent gift. It has been proven to soothe our heart and cheer our soul. It is also said to bless a person with positive thinking, which also makes it perfect to pass your condolences over chocolates as a gift.


4. Sweets

Kaju Katli, Laddoo, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun and Gujiya. Did your mouth just start watering hearing these names out? Well, this is exactly what makes sweets so tempting and irresistible as gifts. And that is why on every Indian festival, people tend to exchange sweets or sweeten each other’s mouth to mark the piousness of the festival.


5. Plants

Gifting green is one of the most thoughtful gifting gestures which makes plants an appealing gift. It entices the beauty and grace of both the giver and receiver of the gift. If a person has a green thumb or likes to nurture these green beauties, then plants are like a long-lasting gift which has no expiry date. Other than that if you give a plant, you give the receiver bless the receiver with many other blissful properties.


6. Personalised Gifts

Memories are like the best gift you can pass it on to someone dear. And as personalised gifts come along with a nostalgia-stricken piece of memories these make a great gift for any and every occasion. A framed photograph can be gifted to someone to convey your heartfelt condolence or to sort out the long-lost friendship or love that existed before.

Personalised Gifts

7. God Idols

Every god and goddess bless us differently. Like Lord Ganesha is the god of wealth, prosperity and new beginnings, whereas Lord Krishna is known to be the god of love. So, as one passes a god idol, it is not only gifted as a fine decor item but also that the Almighty blesses the receiver with all the good things of this world.

God Idols

So, these were all about those common gifts that can be effortlessly gifted across various special occasions. If you are not that perfect while selecting a gift for someone special, then consider this blog and purchase these gifts at some online/offline gift store. Say no to second thoughts! When your love will be passed in the form of any of these gifts, the receiver’s heart is sure to melt into tears. Trust us, on this!