Couple Who Stays Together Slays Together

Couple Who Stays Together Slays Together

“Wipeout the problems of past society
Is that we can live together baby unless you can feel the heat...
Marriage is a big commitment, yeah
I bet you find life hard to live with
I love you
So why can't we live together?
And shack up baby, shack up”

Sometimes you know you love someone, but don’t want to get all tied up in the nuptial bond so soon. The best thing to work out your relationship is living with your love of life under the same roof. This is exactly what the above lyrics of a song quite explains.

Most of the time, such types of relationships are quite judged by the skeptical/orthodox mindset of the people. As per some age-old religious groups and their beliefs, cohabitation outside marriage is a sin and so urges a couple to legitimize cohabitation by getting married. Also, while the nature of marriage is like a pious union of families, whereas the cohabitation is free-floating and full of uncertainty. Quite similar to the concept of marriage but both the partners are in an open relationship, wherein they may have affairs with others.

But to be honest - cohabitation or live-in relationships are said to be one of the keys to having a successful, healthy relationship. Fighting or misunderstanding is part of every mature relationship. But when things tend to get on the nerves, it is then when couples like to consult a relationship coach for couples therapy. Way more effective than this couple therapies are talking it out with your partner, harmoniously and trying to work things out by talking.

There are many kinds of relationships from long-distance ones to open relationships. But, be it any, these relationships work out and become #relationshipgoals as the compatibility issues between a couple gets all sorted out. The live-in relationship helps every couple to bring back the long lost spark in their relationship and come back as a power couple.

Let’s just face it, even the person who thought he knew all about relationships, somehow ends up getting divorced or separated. Simply because marriages don’t work solely on love or some fail proof relationship tips. Instead, people need to make things work out by trying to understand each other and spending some more time getting to know each other. Neither the weekend or after-office dates are enough to figure out whether he/she is the one. Nor the endless pamperings over some mushy online gifts across various occasions are a trick to have a successful relationship. So, indeed a couple who stays together slays together! Here are a few reasons which will provide all you readers why live-in relationships are something much needed and are quite underrated across various nations.

1. Commitment Level 200%

“I want you. I want all of you, forever. You and me, every day.”
The question is - why do we need a legal stamp to stay with our loving partners in this 21st century? I think absolutely not! Things are very different when a mushy lovey-dovey couple is living a happy dating phase. And when the reality dawns upon them as they start living together, just like a married couple without actually getting married. For some couples, live in a phase is being justified as a trial to having a happy marriage in future. Couples don’t need a ‘legal obligation’ rather a live-in phase full of commitment and trust.

Commitment Level 200%

2. Explore The Unseen Side Of Your Partner

How would you know whether your partner is genuinely interested in getting married? Try living with your partner. It is said that a person gets to know much more about their partner, as they spend 24X7 hours together - from getting up to getting back to the bed. Getting to know your partner becomes easier as gradually the days of cohabitation outside marriage tends to pass by. Also, if both partners are liberated enough in their thinking, then they can explore themselves in quite a lot of exciting/interesting ways than one would have imagined.

Explore The Unseen Side Of Your Partner

3. Get A Clear Picture Of Managing Household

Household chores get distributed, finances are managed independently, and you take care of each other as your family. Live-in relationships boost our managerial skills and give us the power to run the household (just the way mommies do, back at our natal households). Eventually, as couples manage household together, their bond tends to grow stronger and fonder. It gives one the right to design their lives, rather than, letting the whole family decide on what one needs to do.

Clear Picture Of Managing Household

4. Gradually One Doesn’t Take Their Partner For Granted

As he is the only one for her and she is the only one for him, a couple doesn’t take each other for granted. A couple moved in together for a reason, so they try to not let their partner for granted and eventually break each other apart. They keep each other interested in different talks and activities which would never lead to cease their happiness. Not for their sake but for “US” sake.

Gradually One Does not Take Their Partner For Granted

5. Saying No To Breaks

“Always tired. But never of you!”
Relationships don’t work when a couple makes a thousand excuses to break each other apart, eventually. Rather than creating a thousand reasons to make each other happy or hold onto each other. They live together to learn about each other and start to form an identity working as a team. They ace all the aspects of life together like relationship, career and finances and also prioritize each other over anyone else. So, living together under the same roof helps a couple to say no to any explanations to breaks.

Saying No To Breaks

So, these were the reasons why wise couples tend to think practically and choose to go for a live-in phase before taking a step forward to building a future together. Let’s break this stigma attached to the concept of “live-in” and support - “Couple Who Stays Together Slays Together”.