Delectable No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe

Truth be told, everyone loves no bake cake and desserts! One of the many reasons behind this is that they are easy to prepare and can be baked perfectly and quickly with the minimum manpower involved. Crushed chocolate biscuits or cookies, chocolate syrup, and toasted nuts, when put together, are guaranteed to deliver something heavenly that your taste buds just can’t simply resist. If you are wondering how to make a cake without oven, then this no bake cake recipe is the one that you should follow. Worry not if you are thinking that you will be requiring some other tools for this process as your kitchen already has the tools necessary to make this delicious chocolate cake. So, without any further ado, let’s get on with the cake making without an oven!

No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe


• 800g biscuits

• 100g nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts), toasted and slightly chopped

• Chocolate Syrup or chocolate sauce

• Chocolate Ganache

• 120g bittersweet chocolate (chopped)

• ½ cup of cocoa powder

• 1 cup of sugar

• 1 cup of water

• ⅔ cup butter

• 1 tsp vanilla extract

• ½ cup whipping cream (35% fat)



• Crush biscuits (cookies) into small chunks in a bowl.

• Heat a pan over medium-high heat and toast walnuts or hazelnuts (any other nuts too if you want) for about 5 minutes, keep stirring so that they don’t get burned. Add them to the biscuits.

• Now it’s time to prepare the chocolate syrup. Take a saucepan, add sugar and cocoa powder then mix it well. Add the butter and place the pan over medium heat.

• Bring it to boil, cook for about 7-8 minutes, and meanwhile keep stirring constantly. Turn off the stove and add vanilla extract. Set the pan aside to cool for about 10-15 minutes.

• Now, pour the syrup over the biscuits and toasted nuts and mix well using a large spatula or spoon, whatever you prefer.

• Take cake tin to grease it with oil or cover it with parchment paper. Transfer the mixture into it. Press well using the back of the spoon or an offset spatula.

• Cover the tin and refrigerate for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

• Now let’s get on with Chocolate Ganache. Put cream into a saucepan and give it a boil.

• Pour hot cream over the chopped bittersweet chocolate and leave it for 1 minute. Then, stir until smooth.

• Then spread ganache over the chocolate biscuit cake and refrigerate to set for about 3-4 hours or overnight before serving.

• You can decorate it in any way and with whatever you like, some more nuts, fresh and juicy fruits, whipped cream what so ever. And then your no bake chocolate cake is ready.

No Bake Chocolate Cake

So, that’s your no bake cake ready to serve! You can make the no oven cake more delicious and eye-soothing by frosting or icing it decoratively according to the theme or event it is meant for. Make sure you start the preparation one night before so that you have enough time to refrigerate the cake. Hope you make an amazing cake by following this easy recipe. If you want to have the cake instantly, then you can easily order a Vanilla cake, Butterscotch cake, Black Forest cake, or any other cake from a reliable online bakery. Happy eating! Happy baking!