Difference Between Cake And Cupcake

Cake or Cupcake!

Year on year, people keep asking about the difference between cupcake and cake. Both cupcake and cake are highly loved delicacies around the world. And both are available in different flavours and designs. Cake has always been the staple desserts for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries and is also being used as a surprise by many. On the other hand, cupcakes are becoming more and more popular for casual treats and little sweet hunger pangs. Don’t know how many of you will agree that cupcakes are loved by girls more than boys.

cake and cupcake

The first and foremost difference between cupcake and cake is the size. A cupcake, as the name speaks, is the size of a cup; small. Cakes are no doubt bigger in size than cupcakes.

Cupcakes are small shaped baked cakes. They are made attractive by putting the frosty icing on it. Cupcakes are a sweet, spongy and soft type of little cakes. They are available in various flavours.

The cake is a form of bread or bread-like food. In earlier times, cakes used to be fried bread or cheese bread. In today’s time, most of the cakes are prepared with layers.


1. Ingredients

We can’t differentiate between the ingredients while talking on cake vs cupcake. Both of them usually comprise the same ingredients: butter, sugar, flour, eggs, salt, and baking soda. The difference in ingredients only strikes when the cake and cupcake have different flavours.

2. Tools

If we talk about the difference in baking tools for cake and cupcake, baking pan is the essential thing that we can pick. Cakes, as they are large, are baked in large and round baking pans. Cupcakes are baked in tins having several numbers of cup-sized moulds.

3. Cake vs Cupcake Bake Time

The difference in baking time of cake and cupcake is the resultant of their size. Cupcakes take around 15 - 20 minutes to bake. And a cake usually takes 30 - 40 minutes in baking. The baking time of both cupcake and cake can differ depending on their size. The time mentioned here is as per the usual size.

4. Serving

A cupcake serves only one person, whereas a cake can serve more than one person. As they say, sharing is caring; cupcakes can be shared too! Wink! Wink!


For those who want to bake cupcake or cake at home, cupcake tin and the cake pan are the only different things that you will need. And if you have both, then you can prepare a cupcake from the batter you prepared for the cake. You can go with the same frosting or can prepare a different one for the cupcake. Difference between cupcake and cake is that they are savoured by people with different party needs, and cupcakes are being eaten as sweet snacks too!

If you don’t feel like baking, then you can order cake and cupcake online from a renowned bakery that provides cupcake and cake delivery.

We will see you soon! Till then, treat your tummy with the delicacies.