Different species of flowers in India

India is a versatile country. It is home to many tropical and subtropical plants. However, due to the recent economic development, notable flower varieties are not found in the wild in India anymore. Still, many flower varieties can be found in the wild, gardens, and parks of India. There are a few local species of flowers in India, which can be found in different parks and gardens of the country. These species of flowers are mentioned below:

Different species of flowers in India


Orchid is native to India as well as other Southeast Asian countries. These flowers were discovered in Singapore more than a century ago. Due to the rapid urbanization in the country, this flower is now mostly found in limited areas. Many species of this plant are available in nature and many different species of flowers such as orchids can be found having red or brown stripes along with yellow and cream petals. There are in fact many other species available that are grown in protective environments.

Orchids flowers in India


It is native to Southeast Asian countries including India. This is a common bloom that can be found in many different parts of the country. The flower is yellow in color with a maroon 'eye' and is just like the common hibiscus in shape. However, other variants of these blooms may differ in terms of color. It has a very short life as it blooms in the morning and the petals wilt in the same evening or next morning. Hibiscus also finds many other uses due to its inherent medicinal properties.

Hibiscus flowers in India


Jasmine is native to India and other nearby areas. It is a white pinwheel-shaped flower with a very nice scent. It has been used to treat various types of diseases including dysentery and heart diseases. Their distinctive aroma makes it a very popular choice for fragrances and perfumes.

Jasmine flowers in India


While talking about flowers, the lotus is one of the most important flowers found in India. It is after all the national flower and happens to be very auspicious. There are two different types of lotuses that are usually spotted, one being the regular water bulbous lotus, the other being land shrub lotus species.


Another very common Indian bloom. This flower is known for its massively popular and festive vibe. Every auspicious occasion is celebrated with marigolds. These have a very strong aroma as well as vibrant color.

Marigold flowers in India

Other than these popular blooms, other variants such as roses, dahlias, sunflower, bougainvillea, etc can also be found in the heart of India. With such a wide and diverse variety of flowers, an individual can just as easily send flowers to India to their loved ones as there will never be a shortage of our diverse blooms.