Different Types of Rakhi Gifts for Different Types of Sisters

Every year on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a brother presents a gift to his sister after she ties the rakhi in his wrist. And every brother tries to find the best rakhi gift for his sister. Well, we have curated a list of Raksha Bandhan gifts depending on the type of sisters. So, if you are a brother who wants to surprise his sister with a thoughtful gift like Raksha Bandhan, this write-up is undoubtedly for you.

What made us come up with this idea of types of rakhi gifts is the thought to surprise the sister with something that she can relate to. Read it till the end, and maybe you will find the type of your sister and the best rakhi gift for her.

Types Of Rakhi Gifts For Different Types Of Sisters

A Make-Up Kit For The Make-Up Freak Sister

If you always find your sister standing in front of the mirror and working on her make-up, then you should gift her a Make-Up kit which contains brushes, a small mirror, and a message card.

Make-Up Kit For The Make-Up Freak Sister

Teddy, Chocolate, & Flower Combo For The Cutie Pie Sister

To make your cutie pie sister smile wide on Raksha Bandhan, surprise her with a rakhi combo that includes a teddy bear, beautiful flower bouquet, and her favourite chocolates.

Teddy, Chocolate, & Flower Combo

Personalised Diary & Pen For The Padhaku Sister

Adore your sister’s love for the study by presenting her a diary personalised with her name and a pen as the return gift on Raksha Bandhan.

Personalised Diary & Pen for Sister

Name Teasing Coasters For The Fighter Sister

Some brother-sister pairs always love to fight and tease each other with weird names. If you're one of them then these name teasing coasters is the perfect gift. Useful & Funny!

Name Teasing Coasters

Personalised Wall Clock For The Punctual Sister

Does your sister do all her work on the right time and she goes by her time table? Nothing could be better than gifting her a personalised wall clock this Raksha Bandhan.

Personalised Wall Clock

Personalised TIME Magazine Cover For The Dreamful Sister

Some girls love to dream big and make all the efforts to achieve what they want. If that’s the type of your sister, then you can give her dreams a push by presenting a personalised TIME Magazine cover.

Personalised TIME Magazine Cover

Personalised Best Sister Award For The Sister Who Loves To Receive Awards

Well, almost everyone loves to receive an award, but some are mad over being appreciated with an award. For your award-loving type sister, a personalised Best sister award with her name and picture on it is a perfect rakhi gift.

Personalised Best Sister Award

Gold Plated Designer Earrings For The Fashion Freak Sister

Some girls love to upgrade their wardrobe and accessories now and then. If your sister is fashion-freak type, gifting her a pair of gold plated designer earrings as a rakhi return gift is a great idea.

Gold Plated Designer Earrings

A Chocolate Basket For The Sweet Sister

Present a basket full of favourite chocolates to sister on Raksha Bandhan. You can look for many different Rakhi hampers online or can make one by yourself.

Chocolate Basket For The Sweet Sister

Owl Printed Cushion For The Sister Who Stays Awake Till Late

If you have been blackmailing your sister to keep the secret of her staying awake till late night from your parents, then you can give a little shocking surprise with this Owl printed cushion.

Owl Printed Cushion For The Sister

An Indoor Plant For The Nature Lover Sister

Appreciate your sister’s love for nature this Raksha Bandhan by presenting her an Indoor Plant. Push her to do the great for the sake of the environment. And to make a mark in the world!

Indoor Plant For The Nature Lover Sister

A DSLR Camera For The Wanderlust Sister

You know that your sister loves to travel places and your parents do allow her to follow her instincts. So how about gifting her a DSLR camera to capture the beauty she witnesses on her trips?

DSLR Camera For The Wanderlust Sister

A Snapback Cap For The Tomboy Sister

The snapback cap is one of the rare Raksha Bandhan Gifts as not many girls are Tomboy. Your sister is not that typical type of girl, but the one who is different from the crowd and you should be proud of her.

Snapback Cap For The Tomboy Sister

So, there are the types of rakhi gifts that you can surprise your sister with on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. You can buy all these rakhi gifts online from gifting portals or e-commerce websites.