Different Types Of Roses That Blooms Around The World

It enchants the eyes, it makes the heart blush, and it stretches the smile curve, a little wide. That’s a rose flower. Blossoming in pretty hues of red, pink, yellow, white, black, and possibly every colour one can imagine-- a rose flower always looks lovely to the eyes.

lovely flowers

Red Rose is a powerful symbol of pure love and enduring passion. The blush pink roses convey the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Yellow roses are extended for expressing joy; orange is for enthusiasm. And, a white rose is a universal representation of purity, innocence.

In its every form and shade, roses enjoy the honour of being the most popular and cherished flower. But, the fact that there are approximately more than 300 rose varieties that further are found in different fragrances, and colours make this flower highly attractive.

Without a doubt, rose is a marvellous creation of mother earth.

For you, we have created a compendium of different types of roses that make this earth a magnificent place to live.


1) Climbing Roses:

Nothing sets off the windows and doors of a house like the climbing roses in their full glory. Thorny stems, thick & dark coloured leaves, these climbing roses are well adapted to be trained against fences, walls, pillars, trellises. Deck up your home with climbing roses, and it will be a sight to behold.

Climbing Roses

2) English Roses:

This rose flower variety is well-liked by the lovers of roses. That means, everyone! English roses couple the grace of rosette form and fragrance of old roses, which infects the senses like a drug. Also, English roses display colours and flowering habits of modern roses. The Romantic English Rose is the baby of David’s Austin-- the British rose breeder’s art.

English Roses

3) Hybrid Tea Roses:

From the category of most prized cut flowers, flourishes the Hybrid tea roses. Manifesting a large, perfectly formed, high centred blooms on long and slender green stems, flowers from the family of Hybrid Tea Roses are breathtakingly beautiful. Hybrid tea rose flowers online are available in bold colours and delightful fragrance. Extend rose flowers from this family to make a bold move.

Hybrid Tea Roses

4) Groundcover Roses:

If there is a rose flower cultivated keeping in mind the desires of a garden, it’s none other than groundcover roses. Roses of this type offer colour, scent, and form, everything that is necessary for making a garden look like a place of heaven. Their low maintenance nature makes them all the more favourable of the ones born with the green thumbs.

Groundcover Roses

5) Bourbon Roses:

Bourbon roses are a cross between Damask and China roses. They are lovely because they have full blooms in pretty shades of pink, white, and red. The heady and intense smell is an added charmer. Look for bourbon red roses online, for entrancing the heart that loves you to the core.

Bourbon Roses

6) Moss Roses:

Fragrance and colours are the defining characteristics of moss roses. These kinds of roses emit a pleasant woody, balsam like scent. Moss roses are revered for their exceptional beauty. When words are not enough, trust the aura of moss roses in making a person feel worthy.

Moss Roses

7) Tea Roses:

They live up to their name. Their fragrance is reminiscent of Chinese black tea. They grow in pastels and whites. Their form is delicate, and the colour is not found in today’s roses. The petals tend to roll back. Hence, it harbours the power to move mountains with its rarity.

Tea Roses

Every rose is a soul blossoming in Nature. Let it bloom, Let it blossom, Let it grow!