Diwali 2021- Pooja Vidhi, Date & Time

Diwali 2021- Pooja Vidhi, Date & Time

Every year, the one question that we keep on hearing is - ‘when is Diwali’. The anticipation for the festival begins at the beginning of every year and then it just grows until it is time to light up our homes with beautiful Diwali diyas finally. According to the Hindu calendar, Diwali or Deepawali is celebrated on the new moon night of ‘Kartika’ month, therefore the cycle of mood decides the date of the holy festival. This year, the auspicious occasion is falling on the Fourth of November 2021 and as the date of the festival is determined by the moon, all the rituals have a special auspicious timing aka, Mahurat including the Diwali Pooja. So here is everything you need to know about the Pooja samagri, vidhi, and mahurat, read on to find out.

  • Date of Puja: 4th November 2021
  • Mahurat: From 06:09 pm to 08:20 pm

First Thing First


The Things you need for the pooja includes, Ganga Jal, a square piece of red or yellow cloth, a wooden platform, One idol of Lord Ganesha and one of Goddess Laxmi, some grains, Kalash, 5 mango leaves, raw coconut with fibre, rice, turmeric powder, tikka, flowers, Diya, a silver coin and some banknotes, fruits, and Diwali sweets.

Next Up

After gathering all the samagri, decide where you want to do the puja. If you have a big family then you can lay out a big carpet or mat for everyone to sit on or you can do the puja in your home’s mandir as well. First of all, clean the area and sprinkle some Ganga Jal there, then take the square piece of cloth and lay it out on the wooden platform properly. Then place the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi on top of the said platform and pour some grains on both sides of the idols, it is believed that by doing this God blesses your home and your kitchen will always be full. Then place fresh flowers in front of the idols.

Last But not least


Next prepare the Kalash for the puja, take a little water in the Kalash, then take the mango leaves and coconut on top of the Kalash in a way that it’s making a flower-like shape. Keeping it aside, decorate the puja thali. Take a beautifully decorated thali and place Diya, rice, silver coin, some fruits, and sweets on it. Now mix turmeric powder and tikka together in the same thali and put tikka on both Idol’s foreheads followed by rice. You can consider lighting some Diwali candles in front of the idols as well but it is not necessary, now place the banknotes next to the idols but a bit away from the diya and candles, as Goddess Laxmi is the provider of wealth, it is said that placing notes in the puja brings prosperity and wealth into your home, you can also place some special Diwali gifts here. Now you are all ready for the puja, Perform the aarti and seek the blessings of god and goddess for you and your loved ones.