5 Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors

Regardless of whether you need to grow a kitchen herb garden as a side interest or want to save a few bucks or just for healthier eating, there are a lot of herbs you can grow in your yard, on your porch or even in your windowsill. Fresh organic herbs make food taste surprisingly better and are great to have around for stews, soups, and salads. In picking a spot to develop your herbs, remember that they need a decent four to six hours of sun each day. There are numerous herbs that you can grow to enhance your cooking. When you plant a kitchen garden, don't just plant the herbs you know, try something different. You will be surprised. If you can’t decide which herbs to grow, scroll down a bit and find the five easiest herbs to grow indoors -

Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors

1. Cilantro/Coriander

Commonly goes with the name “Dhaniya” in India, Coriander is an adaptable herb for the kitchen and develops well in the containers or ground. Seeds can take a long time to grow, and the plants are generally short-lived, so sow a few seeds each couple of weeks for a constant supply. It is one of the most common kitchen herbs used in spicy foods.

Cilantro or Coriander

2. Mint

Commonly goes with the name “Pudina” in India, mint renews the breath and will energize your stomach. In any case, on the off chance that you plant mint, recall that it's viewed as an invasive plant. Mint is easy to grow but also spread and take control over your home garden. So, it's best grown in holders or containers.


3. Aloe Vera

Commonly goes with the name “Gwarpatha” in India, Aloe Vera is known for its relieving powers for burns or skin issues. Many Individuals keep an Aloe Vera plant convenient in the kitchen for accidental burns. Aloe Vera likewise helps with circulation, digestion and weight reduction. Try placing this plant in a sunny window for it’s better health.

Aloe Vera

4. Ocimum Tenuiflorum

Commonly goes with the name “Tulsi” in India, Ocimum Tenuiflorum is a sacred herb also used as a medicinal and culinary herb in its native habitat in tropical Asia. Tulsi plants prosper in areas that get full sun. Even though they can deal sun all day, they'll grow well with six hours of sun time each day.

Ocimum Tenuiflorum

5. Azadirachta Indica

Commonly goes with the name “Neem” in India, Azadirachta Indica is one of the most commonly used Indian herbs. You only need to get a hold of the seeds, and it can grow easily from there. Neem is a fast-developing evergreen plant with a wide-spreading, thick, ovoid crown that grows up to 15 meters tall. So make sure that you have the appropriate space for it.

Azadirachta Indica

These 5 herbs are the most popular, and most of these can significantly add to the taste of your food. If you don’t want to grow these plants from the seeds, you can buy herbal plants and maintain them with proper care. Happy planting!