Find Out The Best Engagement Gift Ideas For Newly Engaged Couple

Engagement is one of the biggest decisions of one's life. Committing yourself to a person for the rest of your life is ain't easy. If any of your friends or relatives have taken this leap of faith, it calls for a celebration. Celebration to their love, joyful married life and many, many years of being together and doing all that we long to have a partner for.

Celebrations are exciting. However, what's not so thrilling is choosing an engagement gift. For God Sake, it's the engagement of someone very dear to your heart. You are happy for him/her, just like you would have on your engagement day. Flowers won't do the trick anymore.

You need to think beyond the traditional flowers and cakes. If you think that task is not your cup of tea, we have done the hard work for you. Here is a list of engagement gift ideas you should read and shop for.

Find Out The Best Engagement Gift Ideas For Newly Engaged Couple


Proposal is a very special moment in the couple's life. The day will be remembered and cherished forever. The innovative way to eternalise the moment is to gift the couple a caricature of them imitating the proposal moment. Choose the picture from the day to make it look real. You can pair this gift with chocolates or wine.


2.Personalised Couple Passport

If the two wanderlust souls have finally found their destination, the gift that will resonate with their desires is passport cover. Now, when they have become the official couple, personalised couple passport holders are the gift for them. Personalise it with charms and their name.

Personalised Couple Passport


By no means it can be a usual hamper. It has to be extraordinary, just like the couple. Include items that are a couple's favourite. To make it fit the occasion, add candles for romantic vibes, a bunch of exotic flowers to congratulate, a personalised message card. Decorate the basket nicely with ribbons.


4.Bride and Groom To Be Kit

Grant the couple a gift that will be useful for them. The future bride and groom surely deserve a pampering and grooming kit. For preparations, they will have to roam outdoors, which means their skin and hair will be exposed to pollution. The kit will come in handy and will give both of them the luxury to take care of themselves at home.

Bride and Groom To Be Kit

5.Journal For Two

The journal acts as a relationship guide with thoughtful prompts for the couple to reflect and implement together. The journal is titled "Do One Thing Every Day Together." Bonus points, it's budget-friendly.

Journal For Two

6.Wedding Keepsake Library

Think ahead and make your gifting gesture functional. Give them a beautiful wedding keepsake library complete with drawers, envelopes, folders to store things post-wedding. It will look much more splendid than the cardboard boxes they would end up using otherwise.

Wedding Keepsake Library

7.Personalised Portrait

A personalised portrait frame will earn a reputation for being a sentimental gift and will have a place of honour on the couple's home wall forever. Personalise everything from outfits to hairstyles to the pose.

Personalised Portrait


Candle sets will set the romantic vibe right. Personalise the back of the candles with handwritten notes addressing the couple and the occasion. Choose citrus notes, champagne grape notes, floral notes, etc.


9.Engraved Wine Glasses

Engraved wine glasses paired with a bottle of wine is a gift they will surely appreciate. The perfect gift combo for the newly engaged couple to raise a toast to a milestone in their lives.

Engraved Wine Glasses

You can order these online. All these nine gift choices are listed on the best online gift stores delivering in India.