Enjoy Scrumptiousness & Sweetness of Delicious Fruit Cakes Without Compromising With Your Health

Everyone who is conscious about health would tell you that eating delicacies such as cakes will ruin your fitness regime. But we are telling you to not believe anyone uttering such fake facts. We know the world is shifting towards healthy eating and improved lifestyle in every aspect. Demand of herbal food products is increasing day by day and people are eating green vegetables more than ever before.

But you can’t have your celebrations on special occasions with all things herbal and taste-less-green food on the menu. There has to be something sweet and scrumptious on the list. And what we are discussing today is about letting your enjoy the sweetness and scrumptiousness on special days with compromising on your health. You can also please people in your party with something that is tasty, creamy and yet healthy. And the delicacy we are talking about is cake!

delicious fruit cake

Yes, it is a cake! You surely have heard about delicious fruit cakes and how people love them. We will discuss more things that you can do with the fruit cake to make it healthier.

Use Whole Wheat Flour or Multigrain Flour Instead Of Normal Cake Flour

Do not think that simple baking flour is bad for your health. It is very fine for baking cakes. But as you want a cake which is healthier in every aspect, you can choose to use whole wheat flour or multigrain flour for baking the delicacy. Both multigrain flour and whole wheat flour are high in fibre which helps in maintaining the water balance in the body and keeps a person healthy.

Make Your Cake Sugar Free

Sweetness is the thing that can bring water in your mouth on an instant basis. And it comes mainly from the sugar. As we are talking about making the cake healthier, you can opt to make your cake sugar free. This option is best if you have diabetes or someone that you have invited over has diabetes. To bake delicious cakes, sweetness is a must, and so, you can add the sweetener recommended by doctors for people having problems with consumptions of sugar in any way.

Top Your Cake With Fresh & Best Quality Fruits

We know you were dying to read this point! And the reason is obvious because we have started this blog with the tille where we have mentioned delicious fruit cakes. Instead of topping your cake batter with frosting or whipped cream, use fresh and best quality seasonal fruits to make it healthier. Make sure that you only use seasonal fruits because unseasonal fruits can contain chemicals.

Use Coconut Sugar or Jaggery Instead Of Simple Sugar

In search of a healthy lifestyle, many people chose to drop many food items from their consumption list. And one such item is sugar. Well, if you are one of those people then you can pick coconut sugar or jaggery instead of simple refined sugar to bring sweetness in your fruit cakes. Coconut sugar works as antioxidants and helps you to regulate the metabolism. And jaggery is free from all the chemicals which are used to prepare sugar.