Everything You Need To Know About Carnations, January Birth Flower

"And in my flower-beds,
I think,
Smile the carnation
and the pink".

- Rupert Brook

"Carnation" ah, what a pretty name that goes so aptly with this pretty flower, but most of the people still do not know the fact that Carnation is not the actual name of this flower. In fact typing, "Carnation" to the Wikipedia's Search Engine takes to the page that tells about " Dianthus caryophyllus." In the world of Wikipedia where everything is surrounded by real facts and statement, there has been almost no entry for "Carnation."

Beautiful Carnations

Dianthus is the scientific name of the Carnation where the word "Dios" refers to the Greek god Zeus or the supreme god, the ruler of Olympus and the word "Anthos" refers to Flowers. Carnation or Dianthus is also known as the January birthday flower and the literal translation of this flower is "Flower of God" or "Heavenly Flower."

The Scintillating History Of Carnations

>The Scintillating History Of Carnations

This mesmerizing flower has been revered for centuries and is one of the oldest flowers of the world.

The actual history of this exotic, January special flower dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman times when these flowers were considered as an integral part of art and decor.

The Christian people believe that the Carnation on earth for the first time when Mother Merry wept for Jesus as he carried the cross.

In early times, these flowers were predominantly found in pale pink and peach but these days, Carnations are available in different shades that include Red, Yellow, White, Purple and even Green. Regardless of the many centuries that have been gone by, the popularity of Carnation is still undiminished.

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Meaning Of Carnation

 Meaning of Carnations

The Carnation is highly appreciated for mainly three reasons- ruffled outlook, clove-like scent and extended period of blooming. And just like most of the flowers, Carnations are also strongly associated with different kind of meanings. The meanings of this January born flower are distinction, fascination, and love. The different colors of this flower symbolize different things. For example, red Carnation always symbolizes admiration, the dark version always expresses the sentiment of love and affection, while White Carnations are associated with the purity and love. When it comes to showing the gratitude, people often give pink Carnation as it symbolizes the sign of gratitude.

This particular flower became the Mother's day flower in early 20th Century.

Fun Facts About Carnations:

Carnations Are Edible:

What's the other word that pops up into your mind when you see Carnation apart from beautiful or aesthetic? Delicious should be one of the words tocome into your mind! Yeah, these flowers look delicious also. University of Kentucky College of Agriculture confirms the fact that Carnation is an edible flower, though the actual taste of Carnation is dull or bitter.

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The Color Of Carnation Can Be Changed

Color of Carnations can be Changed

You probably already know the fact that this flowers come in different colors but did you know that the color of Carnation can be changed? Yes, it can actually be changed with the food coloring. Using food coloring, one can easily change the color of White Carnation into Orange, Purple, and Yellow.

State Flower

Ohio is the American state that has chosen Carnation as the Flower of the State. The scarlet colored Carnation was chosen as the state's flower to honor the President William McKinley.

Medicinal Usage Of Carnation

There are a number of medicinal benefits of this flower. The Carnation really helps in relieving stress, inflammation, skin irritations and rashes, stomach aches, pain, and fever.

By maintaining its high status as a floral mainstay for a long period of time, the Carnation has actually proven itself as a lasting flower in many ways.

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