Flowery Touch To Literature, Famous Flower Poems

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” — Victor Hugo

Over a few decades, scholars and other literary persons have used the language of flowers to convey their feelings of love, life and everything in between. Each of the flowers has got a different set of meaning or flower symbolism, that it holds, which makes it “one-of-its-kind”. While some flowers are for remembrance, some others are romantic flowers. While some flowers convey the meaning perseverance, some others reflect gratitude by being the aptest thank you flowers. Surprisingly, even the book of poems “anthology” as known in Greek has derived from the “flower” as a word. The use of flowers in literature has been made perennial, poets have made the use of flowers extensively in an ironic, comical, celebratory as well as romantical way to describe life and its ways. Here are a few famous flower poems that have made an everlasting mark on the minds of English Literature readers.

flower poems

1) The Daffodils - William Wordsworth

When we talk about popular flower poems, this poem has to be the first to talk about. Popularly known as the daffodil poem, but the actual poem goes by the name of “‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’. Composed in 1804, after Wordsworth saw daffodils while walking along the shore of Ullswater on a stormy day with his sister, Dorothy. The poem basically emphasises the bliss of solitude as he encountered a field of daffodils beside a lake; dancing, fluttering flowers stretched endlessly along the shore.


2) Tulips - Sylvia Plath

This one has to be the best poetry works of Sylvia Plath till date. This renowned tulip poem was written in March 1961 to describe Plath’s life in blankness and emptiness by her. She wrote to describe her morose condition after giving up her clothes to nurses, her story to the anaesthetist and her body to the surgeons. Personifying her life to a beautiful flower-like tulip.


3) The Soul Of The SunFlower - Sara Jewett

“The warm sun kissed the earth
To consecrate thy birth,
And from his close embrace
Thy radiant face
Sprang into sight,
A blossoming delight.”

How beautifully Jewett has described those summer days using a piece of her sunflower poem, making it one of the most priceless poetry pieces under the summer flower poems category. She has given words to our imagination and has made it one of the most interesting pieces to read for a Literature student or enthusiast.


4) One Perfect Rose- Dorothy Parker

While you might have read some wonderful poem on flower rose because of literature and roses quite seems like going hands in hands. One such notable poetry work is that of Dorothy Parker’s One Perfect Rose. The poet starts by describing the incident through which she received a rose from a man. Her writing style is all light, crisp and romantic while she also compares the fragile leaves of the roses to that of the sender’s heart.


These are the top 4 famous flower poems which are famous quite extensively across English Literature.

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