Top 10 Fancy Bracelet Rakhi for Brother

Festivities give us a reason to carouse in merriment. With the festival of Raksha Bandhan around the corner, happiness can be felt in the air and glory in the shining sun. It is the celebration of brother-sister love and bonding. On the morning of Raksha Bandhan, siblings get ready in traditional attires; sisters decorate their Rakhi thalis with an auspicious thread, sweets, and Roli-Chawal. Then, as per the Subh Rakhi Muharat, sisters tie rakhi on their brother's wrist and in return brother blesses the sister with gifts.

Fancy Bracelet Rakhi for Brother

A rakhi is the “Raksha Sutra” that protects him from all the evils when tied by the sister on her brother’s Kalai (wrist). The Raksha Sutra or Rakhi is believed to have healing properties. Raksha Bandhan-- the bond of protection is incomplete without the Raksha Kavach, i.e. Rakhi. And nowadays, along with the traditional Mauli Rakhis, people have now shifted to the collection of fancy rakhi for brother.

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The festival that honours the unbreakable bond of brothers and sisters cannot see the light of day without a Rakhi. This is the prime reason why sisters gear up for Rakhi preparations months before, hunting for the perfect rakhi for their brother. The sheer enthusiasm to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in sisters is all because of the Rakhi shopping. From the Rudraksha rakhi to silver rakhis, online portals and markets are all dazzled with beauty.

Over the years, fancy rakhi for brother has captivated the sisters' hearts, as they love to adorn the wrists of their brothers with beautiful charms. Recently, bracelet rakhi has been ruling the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

This year, bless your brother with longevity, happiness and love by bedecking his wrist with bracelet rakhi and making him go WoW!

1. Platinum Bracelet Rakhi

Platinum jewellery is dear to many because it has alluring properties. Platinum symbolises purity, strength, and power as well as is known to attract financial prosperity. If your brother admires all things perfectly, then the Platinum bracelet Rakhi will be a fantastic option. Grace your brother’s hand with a platinum bracelet rakhi and his life with all the goodness and virtue.

Platinum Bracelet Rakhi

2. Silver Bracelet Rakhi

Shining in its full glory, silver has long associations with spirituality, healing and style. For centuries, people have emblazoned their bodies with silver jewellery like rings, chains, and anklets not out of desire but for its effects. A silver bracelet rakhi for my brother is one way of protecting him from everyday toxins, keeping him calm, and encouraging him on the path of positive thinking and mental clarity.

Silver Bracelet Rakhi

3. Gold-Plated Bracelet Rakhi

All that glitters is Gold. It is the epitome of royalty and timeless beauty. Shop gold rakhi bracelet for your brother for the Raksha Bandhan festival and sparkle his life with overall well-being and brilliance.

Gold-Plated Bracelet Rakhi

4. Diamond Studded Bracelet Rakhi

Your brother is like a diamond to you, rare and precious. “The Alchemist possesses the art of gildening but only a Goldsmith can scratch gold from the darkest mines.” Similarly, you have an eye to spot diamonds-- one is your brother, and the other one is a diamond bracelet Rakhi for Brother. Diamond rakhi will bless your relationship with love and partnership.

Diamond Studded Bracelet Rakhi

5. Evil Eye Bracelet Rakhi

I see you! You cannot be with your brother 24*7; therefore, an evil eye bracelet rakhi to shield him from all the black eyes and negativities. The outer dark blue circle is for positive vibes. The light blue is for truth. And the Nazar Battu in between is for protection.

Evil Eye Bracelet Rakhi

6. Rudraksha Bracelet Rakhi

Rudraksha is a bead of holy, medical, and magical effects. Rudraksha balances the body's chakras, soothes ailments, and fosters upliftment. A rudraksha bracelet rakhi on your brother’s wrist is an assurance of his well-being and happiness. Either you can buy a Rudraksha silver rakhi bracelet for your brother online or go for the golden Rudraksha bracelet rakhi.

Rudraksha Bracelet Rakhi

7. Leather Bracelet Rakhi

Quirkiness is always in trend. How can rakhis be left far behind? Leather bracelet rakhis with quirky dials like Bhai and Mera Bhai are in vogue. Leather looks classy and is closely related to durability, flexibility and strength. Upon wearing the rakhi, your brother will find himself associated with all these qualities.

Leather Bracelet Rakhi

8. Metal Bracelet Rakhi

A bracelet rakhi having a dial that bears the word Bro#1 would be a sure hit with your brother. Cool and stylish, your brother would love to adorn his wrist with the metal bracelet Rakhi for years to come.

Metal Bracelet Rakhi

9. Gold-Silver Bracelet Rakhi

Bless him with the best of both worlds, gold and silver. A pure gold and pure a href="">Silver Rakhi Bracelet for brother studded with precious stones will illuminate her Rakhi day and life.

Gold-Silver Bracelet Rakhi

10. Photo Bracelet Rakhi

Grace your picture-perfect relationship with your brother with a photo bracelet rakhi. The dial of the rakhi comes decorated with a picture of either you both or your brother. Walk down the sweet memory lane you both share over this bracelet Rakhi. Beautify your brother’s life with splendour, love, divinity, and healing by tying on his wrist bracelet rakhi.

Photo Bracelet Rakhi

Final Thoughts

As the festival of Raksha Bandhan approaches, excitement and joy fill the air, signifying the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters. This year, make Raksha Bandhan even more special by choosing from a delightful array of bracelet Rakhis. Each bracelet Rakhi is not just an accessory but a token of your affection, showering blessings and happiness on your beloved brother. You can also include many rakhi combo sets for brother, such as Rakhi with sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, cookies and snacks, plants, flowers, and so much more.