Fascinating Facts About Indoor Gardening in India

In recent times, people have started to plant goodness in the form of planting some indoor plants, around them. The awareness of people regarding planting these greens have increased over time, so much that nowadays every house has some indoor plants which require no light or probably less. But, indoor plants have over time become a very common sight at everyone’s place, these days. Here are a few fascinating facts about indoor gardening or plants, that are followed in and across India.

Facts About Indoor Gardening

1. Most of the Indoor Garden Plants have their Roots in the Tropical Region

Yes, you heard it right! The indoor garden plants might have adapted themselves over the years and now, love to grow indoors. But, earlier at the time of their origination, they were used to the sunshade of the tall dense trees, growing in the tropical and sub-tropical region.

2. More than Appeal, One would Fall for the Qualities of these Indoor Home Garden Plants

While some of you might not know this but plants are proved to be the best air purifiers, to date. As per NASA research, it was said that air-purifying plants like pothos, peace lily, spider plant and other such plants are the Lil wonder of joy., as these help by purifying the air, we breathe. If we go by the FengShui or Vastu norms, then we shall know that while some indoor plants have the quality of purifying the air, that we breathe, some others tend to bring good luck, good wealth and other goodnesses.

3. Egyptians Introduced the Concept of the Inside Garden

If you were thinking that nurturing and having an indoor house garden is a new concept that rose to fame due to the rise in pollution levels, then you are highly mistaken. The noble practice of growing plants indoors was initially introduced by the Egyptians when Sir Hugh Platt insisted the possibility to grow plants indoors.

Sir Hugh Platt

4. Indoor plants are not Meant to be Kept in a House but also can be Kept in Office

Indoor plants act as a great stress buster and tend to improve the mental well being of a person who is surrounded by these beauties. Giving a natural therapy to us, these indoor plants have a calming, soothing effect on our mind, body and soul.

5. Increases our Productivity

When we come close to plants, our brains tend to become all calm, composed, which helps us to communicate efficiently and think some of the out of the box ideas. As you nurture a plant, it in return tends to nurture your creativity and helps to build a great foundation of memory.

6. Saves you from Noise Pollution

Places like offices can be noisy and distracting with chit-chatting of your colleagues and the working of the machines. So, to reduce indoor noise pollution, indoor plants like peace lily can come to your rescue. Not jus peace lily, but all those plants with thick leaves and stems are said to control the noise pollution levels, indoors.

Indoor Planting

So, these were a few fascinating facts about indoor plants in India which improve the quality of our lives and looks after our health and Mother Earth.

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