Shoot Up The Love and Romance With These Ideas: Valentine Day Special

The love winds have started to blow, the aura of romance is slowly kicking in, and the couples can be seen caught up in the Valentine preparation frenzy. Have you started yours? If you are newly married, Valentine’s day seems to be like an ideal day to get super romantic with your better half and mushily spend the day.

Valentine Romance ideas

You have celebrated your first Valentine long ago, and it’s probably your 5th, 10th or 60th Valentine. So what? For the couples madly in love with each other, every day is Valentine’s. Do you have any different thoughts?

“Age is just a number when it comes to honouring the love for one another.” Note it!

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, make sure you own it! Because it’s your day. You better shoot up the romance between you and your better-half. And here’s your guide to do it!

Start Scrolling….

For Him

1 Plan a Staycation:

Get him out of the work web, family duties, friend’s Friyay parties and spend Valentine day with him away from home and office. For this, a staycation is ideal. Book a resort, boutique hotel, hotel in and around your city and take a break. A dip in a pool, soaking in the morning sunshine, romantic dinners at night, Perfect!

Plan a Staycation

2 Surprise Every Hour:

Who said men do not like surprises. The only thing is we haven’t tried surprising them. Have you ever? This time, surprise him with romantic Valentine gifts every hour and see the magic. If every hour seems too much, plan it according to your preference. His favourite bottle of wine, an adorable text, a gift he has been wanting to buy… there is so much you could do to make him feel loved.

Surprise Every Hour

3 A Romantic Long Drive:

There is something so romantic about long drives with your better-half. The arterial roads, slow music, and the love of your life sitting beside you, could you picture a more romantic ride? Perhaps No! So, set out for a long drive with your hubby this Valentine’s day. Do not forget to stack up some knick-knacks. And if you can drive, take the lead.

Romantic Long Drive

For Her:

1 Love Treasure Hunt:

Every Valentine’s Day, you grace her with the best Valentine gifts. This year is going to be no different for you and her. However, you have a chance to make things a little more lovely and different for her. You can hide lovey-dovey notes all around the house and make it a kind of treasure hunt for her. To retain your signature style, you can leave gifts with the notes.

Love Treasure Hunt

2 Cook Up a Dinner:

It’s time to don your chef hat. Instead of making reservations at a restaurant or eatery, transform your home into a restaurant. Lit up the candles, dim the lights, play soft music, spread the rose petals, pop a bubbly and enjoy a wonderful meal together cooked by you. Aaahhh! Sounds lovely.

Cook Up a Dinner

3 Netflix and Chill:

Well, this is something you have been doing, but separately in the name of ‘Me-time.’ On Valentine’s day, you can Netflix and chill together. This is the best way to spend quality time together. Play on the series you both wish to watch, have drinks together, munch on the snacks, share giggles and love banter. Romantic, raunchy ones will suit the occasion best.

Netflix and Chill

There is so much you can do to please your better-half on Valentine’s day. These were just a few ideas that you can go with or get inspired with. We would suggest all the couples out there to be a bit more romantic and saucy in your expression because it’s VALENTINE’S!!