Father's Day Gift Guide: Innovative ideas to spoil the dads

Were you being told that nothing like “the best father’s day gifts” exist? Or were you curious enough to seek the answer to the question - “what is the best gift for father's day?” Figuring out the answer to what is the best gift for father is no doubt a daunting task. Be it whatever, your thought should be to treat your daddy over some innovation, out of the box father's day gift ideas 2020. As trends come and go, hence while seeking the answer to “what to gift dad”, this father’s day, one has to keep in mind - the latest factor of 2020 trends in mind. As throughout all these years, he gave you all that he had, borrowed or earned for you, no doubt your first man deserves to be pampered over the best father's day gifts, for sure. So, here’s a list of father’s day gift ideas to convey your “I Love You, Pops!”.

Fathers Day Gifts

1. Cologne

He might have been gifted lots of perfumes but gifting a cologne still seems like a classic idea. Well, perfume might have a higher concentration of oils in fragrance than Eau de Toilette, but cologne has the lowest concentration of all these 3. Although it’s a scent that doesn’t stay for long still till date, it is considered to be very Masculine or essential for every Macho man out there.


2. Record Player

Take him back to his good, old days when listening to old record labels were a thing. In order to answer your question - what is the best gift for dad, we had to include this gift option for sure, as nothing seems like a better gift than a gift full of nostalgia. So, if he still has those records with him but not an instrument to play it over, then a record player would make an excellent gift to treat him over, this father’s day.

Record Player

3. Wine Club Subscription

If you felt that we haven’t yet been able to convince you with our answer to your question - what to gift on father's day, then we bet this option is sure to take your dad’s breath away. For every dad out there in the world has a little weakness for a fine glass of wine, hence to treat that this father’s day we pamper him over a wine club subscription.

Wine Club Subscription

4. Digital Photo Frame

This father’s day, gather all the lovely memories of you and your dad as we figure out the best answer to your question - what to gift your dad. Every strongest of the strongest dad gets emotional when it comes to his family. Hence, gift him with a digital photo frame queuing a beautiful series of photographs of his childhood days to his marriage day and to the day when you were born. Something like this is sure to leave your daddy’s happy teary-eyed.

Digital Photo Frame

5. Sunglasses

Still wondering what to gift father? Then transform your laidback daddy into an ultra-new cool version of him as “Daddy, Daddy Cool!” Help him notch up his personal style statement as well as protect his eyes from UV rays, gift a pair of cool sunglasses to him over this father’s day. Make-believe him that age is just a number, and he is still a heartthrob for every girl out there in the world.


6. Smart Watch

Every smart dad needs a smartwatch and so while figuring out the answer to - what can I gift my dad, I came up with this gift idea. An accessory which is stylish as well as an essential, a smartwatch will do it all on behalf of your dad. From providing accurate steps count to pretty much providing any kind of answers to your questions, a smartwatch is a gadget for every dad who is a tech freak.

Smart Watch

7. Card Holder

He might be having a good wallet but what he might not have is a cardholder. If he likes to stay organised then, a classic cardholder seems like a great father’s day gift as he will be then able to keep all his important cards stacked up in a commonplace. And the next time when he is looking for anyone of those, he knows where to look for and find it right there.

Card Holder

8. Polaroid Camera

Help him channel out his inner Raghu Rai, by gifting him a polaroid camera to capture moments filled with truckloads of happiness, life and nostalgia. As you both make some memories together, he will have a device to freeze those golden memories for a lifetime. Hence, a polaroid camera definitely makes a safe yet very classy bet.

Polaroid Camera

9. Coffee Maker

If his mornings can’t just start without a cup of good black coffee, then a coffee maker seems just perfect to help him kick start his morning in full swing. You can look for a coffee maker of some reputed brand online as well as at your nearest electronics store.

Coffee Maker

10. Ukulele

If he is a music aficionado then to encourage his musical skill, gift him a Ukulele so that he can play some tunes in his pass time. Having fewer strings than a guitar, if he has a knack for music then a Ukulele is an easy instrument to play with any kind of song.


So, these were the top 10 innovative ideas to spoil your dad over this father’s day. As per your budget, get set, start shopping!