30 Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2022

Emotions come pouring out as far as women are concerned, men on the other hand have become experts at keeping their feelings at bay and concealing them from the closest ones too. " A father's tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remain as a pillar of strength throughout our lives." Nothing justifies the heart of fathers more than this statement. It is rightly said that fathers hide their happiness when things fly on rockets, and stay strong as a pillar when everything comes crashing down.

They are always calm, strong on their roots and ready for anything that may come toward their family. Just because they don't believe in letting it all out, doesn't mean they don't have a brimming river inside, and on fathers day it is the right time to let your hearts speak to one another and the best way to do that is through fathers day gifts 2022.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s your time to rattle his heart and get a few chums of his unseen emotions. The quickest, undeniable and beautiful way to do that is by choosing from fathers day cakes that are made especially with themes that please the idea of the perfect fathers day. And the fight to get the best father’s day gifts and the perfect cake and gift begins right here with this list, we have poured for you right here with cake options and presents that scream and shout, all love.

1. Fondant cakes

Beginning the list of fathers day cakes with fondant cakes that are truly the most scrumptious and trendy. You can do anything significant to his life, his work, his family, his passion for travel and make it the choice for fondant icing.

 Fondant cakes

A fondant cake is a must to give cake to your father this father’s day. With rich icing done on the top that depicts his passion and hobby, he would love to cut a fondant cake that you gift. So, surprise him with one of his passion adorned on the top.

2. Photo cakes

Photo cakes are more personalised and bring out true laughter and love. You can get your fathers picture or the whole family. You can make it sincere or funny, but forever memorable.

 Photo cakes

Therefore, a photo cake is a kind of fun-loving cake to give to your dad. Just the way dads like to have fun on your unique cake; you can make father’s day for him worth remembering.

3. Tsunami cakes

These are truly a delicacy and fantastic to eat. These pull me up cakes unleash a layer of chocolate and sumptuous molten cream and the lid is undone.

 Tsunami cakes

If your father has a sweet tooth, then he will love to release the flavours of ‘pull me up’ cake. This is another trending cake in the town where a bundle of joy is unbound in the taste of chocolate or vanilla or whichever your dad prefers. So, get him one today and let his sweet tooth satisfy with it.

4. Pinata cakes

Pinata cakes are the new treat in the market and are being loved by everyone. They are not cut with a knife but instead broken with a hammer underneath which there is a delicious cake with presents if you like.

 Pinata cakes

Your dad may ask you not to damage the bones, but if you give him a pinata cake, you can see how he will love to break it with a hammer and then cut the delicious cake inside it with a knife. So, this cake is kind of playful enough that your father will enjoy it and makes the best father’s day gift.

5. Customised Wine Glass Set

Moving onto gifts for father online, the first choice is a customised wine glass set that has messages or pictures printed on them, these could be sarcastic comments or names, date, and anecdotes of his life.

 Customised Wine Glass Set

Dads who love wine would anytime prefer to have a new wine glass set with them. So, give a personal touch to the wine glass set and see how wonderful your dad feel having it.

6. Wooden Vodka Shots Case

Another git on similar lines is a wooden vodka shots case which again is customised, looks very classy for parties with close people and is a rich yet affordable choice of gift.

 Wooden Vodka Shots Case

Maybe now your dad is not that young, but he will love to have these rich wooden vodka glass set with him so whenever he throws a party, he can flaunt them. So, without any delay, gift one to him.

7. Fitness watch

A fitness watch is an appealing option for fathers day 2022 gift ideas, you can get it online and offline, bring branded options or otherwise and even pick ones with multiple dials.

 Fitness watch

You can either go for Fitbit or Smartwatch that connects with phone and helps them not only to track calories but also to ease their work. So, a fitness watch is the best idea that you can turn into a real one.

8. Mobile Accessories

Everyone has a mobile phone and the need for the perfect accessories comes in handy. It can be headphones, or back cover, pop sockets or wireless Bluetooth things, all to make life easy.

 Mobile Accessories

If he allures his phone and loves to keep it safe, then going for one of the mobile accessories would be the best option to choose. Let your father feel that you understand his needs.

9. Grooming kit

A grooming kit has primarily items scrubs, face wash, cleansers, shaving tools and more made more personalised with classy packaging is among the top father’s day gift ideas 2022.

 Grooming kit

If your dad likes to take care of his skin, then the grooming kit is a must to have a thing with him. Make sure your grooming kit has Vitamin C serum and a face mask sheet too. It will help him to keep his skin healthy and rejuvenating.

10. Greeting card

A greeting card that, is handmade is a must to go out with any gift you pick. It can have stories, anecdotes or emotional messages.

 Greeting card

The idea of a greeting card may sound simple, but it can be one of the very best, very cute Fathers Day gifts from son and daughter in 2022. He would cherish a handcrafted greeting card throughout his life because this will exhibit your emotions before him, and he will carefully keep it with himself.

11. Photo frame

A photo frame to keep by the bedside can be a nice option for fathers day gift 2022, you can get a picture in a wooden, transparent or glass vase.

 Photo frame

Again, a photo frame is an easy choice to go with, but what can be more beautiful than his family beside him or in front of him. He can hang the photo frame on the wall just in front of his eyes, if not near the bed. He would love to see his family all the time.

12. Deodorant

Deodorant is a good choice, it shows class, elegance, and it's hard to go wrong with it. Besides, a deodorant helps you to smell fresh all the time. So, gifting a deodorant can be one of the best fathers day gifts 2022. Help him to carry his class and elegance in a fresh way. Let your father feel good and positive.


13. Instrument

People have passions in their life that often remain untouched and instruments are just an example of how they can be revived.


Take him back to memory lane when he used to play flute or tabla. This fathers day, make sure you make him relive his time which he cannot because of his hectic schedule. Allow him to follow his passion and make his fathers day memorable.

14. Gadgets

Gadgets are practically a dire need for everyone these days and are always a safe choice. They may end up being slightly costly, but father day comes just once right?


So, instead of thinking about what to offer, go for the latest tech that is released near the time. Gift him the most accessible gadget that he loves to use and ensure that it is the best fathers day gifts 2022 he ever received.

15. Music box

A music pandora box-like Saregama and more can be a good choice of articles to make his life more musical and enjoyable. And a musical father’s day gift idea is not a bad choice.

  Music box

Almost every dad is a fan of old music and loves to sing old songs. They love to enjoy the old songs and relive them whenever played. Hence, a music box containing all the songs of his age will give him the utmost happiness and pleasure.

16. Customised Pillows

These are new entries in personalised Fathers Day gifts collection and have your name, date and picture up for making it personalised. He might say that what was its need but secretly, when you visit his room, you will find the customised pillow which you gifted on his bed making the bed look more adorable and clean.

 Customised Pillows

17. Customised Mugs

These can be bought online and can have names, pictures, quotes, dates and more on them.

 Customised Mugs

Whenever your dad would drink coffee or tea in a custom-made mug, he will remember that his child gave him such a pretty gift. So, this might be the most simple yet the most amazing and best fathers day gifts 2022. Give one today.

18. Caricature

A caricature is a funny gift choice but looks extremely powerful sitting on a desk.


If your father is a fun-loving and chill kind of person, then a caricature is the perfect gift to give to your dad. When made and displayed on the table, these funny faces express the mood of the person. So, a caricature will make him smile even when he is not so sane.

19. Customised Planters

A customised planter that can be kept in homes can be a great option especially if your father is a nature lover. You also can buy Father's day plants online for your nature loving father.

 Customised Planters

You must have noticed that fathers love to take care of plants. So, why not surround him with the amazing customed plants that spread positivity and work as an air purifier. Give this best fathers day gifts 2022 to your dad and make him feel unique in your life.

20. Office Desk Accessories

Going to the office every day, the place has to look more you and make you feel like home for which you can get a calendar, pen stand, platter, photo frame, diary and more.

 Office Desk Accessories

Adore your father’s office desk with alluring office accessories that give him a homely feel and keeps him connected even when he is working. Also, it gives a good ambience that helps the person to stay calm and composed.

21. Musicians on Call

Online portals provide you with an opportunity to have a musician on call sing a song for you, that you can use for fathers day.

 Musicians on Call

You can surprise your father with an amazing song being sung by a person on the other side of his phone as a heart-warming father’s day gift idea 2022. If you actually want him to feel amazing, go for it and request his favourite song and notice how he feels.

22. Customised wall clock

A good option with name, place, picture to be put on a bedroom wall, or an office one. Ensure his name is carved on that personalised wall clock which he will hang in his favourite place so that the time reminds him of the beautiful days that you have given to your father. A wall clock for your charming dad is one of the best fathers day gifts for dad 2022 to give.

 Customised wall clock

23. Gift Basket

Gift baskets have a lot of things from accessories, stationeries to chocolates and flowers, and can be found readymade.

 Gift Basket

Even if you do not found it readymade, you can curate one by yourself. Think of all the necessary gifts you would like to place in it and then a beautiful basket that you can either adore with natural flowers or ribbons and surprise your dad with it. He will love to open it.

24. Food Hamper

A food hamper with chocolates, wine, and other kinds of food readymade can be a wise choice.

 Food Hamper

Also, try to give whatever he likes, chocolates of his choice, alcohol that he would prefer over anything and packaged food that tastes absolutely delicious would be nice enough to give to your dad. Make your dad feel amazing, and let him feel that you notice everything. You know his likings and dislikes. So, go for a food hamper and impress your daddy cool.

25. LED Pillow

LED pillows too can be found online and are customised with your name and picture as well.

 LED Pillow

A bright shiny pillow that shines around their photograph printed or name written on it is worth giving and a bright father’s day gift. Your father would love to decorate his room with a LED pillow that you will gift him with all your heart.

26. Wallet

A wallet is a safe choice when you pick a simple black or brown one for a loved brand. If you closely study your dad, he will love to carry a wallet that you gift him at the end of the day. Every man love to have a spacious wallet in which he can easily carry his cards and cash. So gift one to dad on this father’s day.


27. Luxury Pen

A luxury pen is one single small gift that is enough in itself. Whenever he takes out that pen to sign any letter or documents, he will remember the efforts made by you to gift him this luxurious pen. So, no gift can be better than a pen to your father. Let him remember you always.

 Luxury Pen

28. Explosion Box

Explosion boxes are great gift choices but they are hard to make yourself, hence find one online and gift it to your father.

 Explosion Box

You might order one online or try to make it yourself; your father would anyways smile while opening it. So, gifting an explosion box to your father, either filler with heart-warming words or with chocolates and pictures, would be a good choice to go with.

29. Family Tree

It's mostly a photo frame to go up on a wall in the house that has all your family members' pictures and can be found online.

 Family Tree

You know, for fathers family is the most important thing in life. From their grandparents to children, they love to see everyone around, and that’s why they work even harder than expected. Therefore, a family tree having your grandfather’s father picture and ending at your picture would be an amazing gift to offer. Give one and see a broad smile on your father’s face.

30. Customised Beer Mug

A customised beer mug is fun and does come in pairs too for you to find the right one that suits the vibe.

 Customised Beer Mug

A custom beer mug having your fathers name or some heartwarming words printed on it can be counted as one of the most alluring gifts on fathers’ day. So, surprise your dad with a beer mug having your personal touch to it. He will be definitely amazed seeing a beer mug as a fathers day gift 2022. He may find you grown up now after receiving such gifts.

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