Father’s Day Special - 10 Best Plant Picks for Your Daddy’s Bedroom

Father's Day Plants trends on Google because people are tilting towards the green gifts to celebrate occasions. And Father's day is approaching fast. Gifting something that can bless your father with good health and a relaxed mind stays on top of all the thoughtful gifting.

 Father's Day Plants

The top ten plants for Dad that we are sharing here will only be good for him in some or the other way and uplift the beauty of his bedroom.

Money Plant -

Our first plant pick to astound your father on father's day is a money plant. Go green and cherish your bond with your father with a plant that attracts good luck in bulk.

 Money Plant for dad

And the name also speaks of its significance as your father is the one who manages the family money. The plant is potted in a lovely vase having 'I LOVE DAD' printed on it.

Bamboo Plant -

Another one on the father's day plants list is a Bamboo plant. While we are sharing the best picks for your daddy's bedroom, a bamboo plant is amongst the best choices to be placed as a decorative piece.

Bamboo Plant

According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, bamboo is considered to be auspicious as it attracts good luck and wealth.

Peace Lily Plant -

You will have the best opportunity to surprise your hero on father's day. His life is full of many tensions, which he doesn't reveal, but you can bless him with calmness by presenting a Peace Lily Plant.

 Peace Lily Plant

As you can see, the plant is potted in a very beautiful father's day special vase and hence makes it perfect for your daddy's bedroom.

Boxwood Plant -

There are so many plants for dad, and we are discussing the best 15 here. We know you always for his good health and long life.

 Boxwood Plant

So, gifting him a boxwood plant is a perfect gesture. The Boxwood represents longevity and immortality. The plant is potted in a ceramic vase with a lovely print that reads 'I LOVE MY DAD'.

Syngonium Plant -

It is another Feng Shui plant that you can pick to surprise your father on father's day. You just wish for his life to be full of happiness, and gifting a plant that is related to Feng Shui is equal to turning your wish into action.

 Syngonium Plant

You can see that gifting chocolates along with the Syngonium plant is a good combo option.

Pachira Bonsai Plant -

When people look for plants to be presented as gifts, Bonsai plants remain among the best picks because of their beauty.

 Pachira Bonsai Plant

And as you want the plants for Dad for his bedroom, Pachira Bonsai is surely a one to buy. The plant comes potted in a personalised ceramic mug vase.

Xanadu Plant -

Father's are usually hard to understand, just like it is hard to pronounce Xanadu correctly at first go. Selecting the green Xanadu plant to make your father smile wide on father's day is a wonderful idea without a second thought.

 Xanadu Plant

It is an air-purifying plant which means that it will keep providing your father with fresh and healthy air to breathe.

Asparagus Foxtail Plant -

You surely want to gift health and freshness to your father on father's day so that he can get relaxed from all the worries as soon as he enters his bedroom.

 Asparagus Foxtail Plant

And the beautiful and eye-catching Asparagus Foxtail plant is surely a great pick. It can surely be put amongst the best father's day gifts.

Rubber Plant -

Here is another air-purifying plant amongst father's day plants. If we believe the teachings of Feng Shui, Rubber plants should be placed in corners.

 Rubber Plant

And the Rubber plant also signifies abundance, happiness and wealth. It is potted in a highlighted yellow-cloured vase having a print of text 'MY DAY BESTEST'.

Ixora Flowering Plant -

A father puts all his efforts so that the life of his child can bloom like a flower.

 Ixora Flowering Plant

Picking an Ixora flowering plant as a father's day gift from a son or daughter is so overwhelming because it expresses that you heartily appreciate whatever your father does, and you want a life blooming with happiness for him.

Say Happy Father's Day with a green gift!