First Time Karwa Chauth? 7 Important Karwa Chauth Tips To Sail Through The Day Smoothly

With henna in full hands and mangtika right in place, your Karwa Chauth preparations are almost on point. You make sure nothing is left amiss but down in your belly, you have butterflies fluttering and mind fixated on whether or not everything would go perfectly.

Karwa Chauth Tips For A Smooth Day Long Fast

Well, that’s your first Karwa Chauth and feeling the shivers is totally okay. But to make sure that everything falls right in place and your first Karwa Chauth is a cherishable one, here are certain tips to help be rock your first Karwa Chauth. Take the guide:

1. Hop Into An Alluring Outfit

Look your bridal best on first Karwa Chauth in a gorgeous lehenga. Whether it’s a subtle bling, floral statement or a jazzy ensemble, make sure you doll up prettily and feel feminine and fabulous as ever!

Hop Into An Alluring Outfit

2. You Deserve The Pamper

Be all set to flaunt the best ‘You’ in the evening Karwa Chauth Puja by indulging in some spa sessions. This will give you some ‘Me time’ which you usually long for in your everyday busy routine.

You Deserve The Pamper

3. Eat Right, Shine Bright

DO NOT ignore Sargi. It plays a crucial role in how smooth your fast goes. Nuts, milk products and protein rich food would help you keep fine all day. Besides, you can also modify the traditional fast-keeping and sip some juice for not letting the toxins affect your health.

Caffeine based drinks are a strict No-No.

Eat Right, Shine Bright

4. Distraction Is The Key

The more you think how hungry you are, the more you would feel it. Therefore, invest your time in other things like listening to your favourite band, taking up your hobby, talking to your husband etc.

Distraction Is The Key

5. Shoo Away The Side Effects

Being prepared is battle half fought. Hunger pangs, nausea, dizziness are going to trouble you all day. In that case, know these are common phenomena. Besides, don’t be stringent on yourself and eat something.

Shoo Away The Side Effects

6. Keep The Camera Running

Moments are fleeting. Your first Karwa Chauth calls for capturing some beautiful moments of togetherness. Therefore, make sure you do not miss taking pictures and hold on to memories for a long time to come.

Keep The Camera Running

7. Break Your Fast The Right Way

Fortify yourself with nutrients by consuming yogurt after the moonrise. Lemonade is a good option too. In any case, avoid oily food for dinner as it will make you feel bloated and nauseous.

Break Your Fast The Right Way

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Keep calm and Happy Fasting!