Flower Festivals and Shows Around The World

As the winter cold days and nights start to wither away; the way winds of March begin to whistle around. The fleecy clouds of blue-white delight, the sun-shine so bright, and the flowers blooming upright, the breeze of March promises of the joy of Spring. When the Spring comes, flowers hop and play; earth dance to the hay. Trees awaken and buds bloom. When Spring comes, life in flowers renews.

With warm afternoon and nights full of pleasure, Spring seems like a thrill that will last forever. But, to your and my displeasure, it won’t last long. So, let’s glow in the glory of Spring, where flowers come to life everywhere.

Flower Festivals and Shows Around The World

1. Tulip Festival-Srinagar

The jewel of North India--Srinagar metamorphose from grey matter to seventy shades of vibrancy in the spring season because tulips blossom in full glory. The Srinagar Tulip festival draws a million allureres to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden--the largest tulip garden in Asia. With seventy kinds of tulips along beds of roses against picturesque snow-capped mountains and Dal lake view, a visit to this flower festival is an experience of beauty to behold. With all your desire, you may want to pluck a tulip, but why to do so when you have the facility of online flower delivery of tulips.

Tulip Festival in Srinagar

2. Chelsea Flower Show-United Kingdom

The city of London summons souls from across the globe to its lap to witness the prestigious Chelsea flower festival hosted by Royal Horticultural Society. Since 1862, best florists, garden designers, plant specialists flock together to sculpt a jaw-droppingly beautiful flower exhibit. This International flower festival attracts celebrities and members of the royal family, which makes it all the more beautiful to visit.

Chelsea Flower Show in United Kingdom

3. Mughal Garden Flower Show-Delhi

It’s that time of the year again when the Mughal Garden is all colours and happy. It’s time for the flower festival in Delhi. Adorned with tulips, roses, sunflowers and seasonal flowers, The flower show at Mughal Garden, Delhi is a treat for the eyes and soul. In addition to the flower varieties, enchanting terraces, flower beds inspired by Mughal and English Era are the attracting highlights.

Mughal Garden Flower Show in Delhi

4. Chiang Mai Flower Festival-Thailand

For Three Days, the city sparkles with flowers, flowers, and only flowers. Various competitions with flower arrangements, tree sculpting, are also the part of the flower festival of Chiang Mai. Damask rose is the major attraction of this parade, which is also the native flower of this place for ages.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival in Thailand

5. Lalbagh Flower Show-Bangalore

Flower Extravaganza at display! Every Year, the flower festival in Bangalore is held on Independence and Republic Day. Fragrant and colourful varieties of flowers are put into use to create floral representations. Imported flowers from 10 different countries, varieties of temperate flowers from Ooty and Sikkim, 37 different species of flowers in 235 shades and patterns can be witnessed during the 2020 Lalbagh Flower Show.

Lalbagh Flower Show in Bangalore

Adore and behold the beauty of flowers by visiting flower festivals in India and abroad.