Flowers That Bloom in January

It’s about time that we ring into the New Year. And start with the first month i.e January. There are many beautiful flowers that bloom in January. While we shiver during this entire winter season, many flowers like yellow roses, carnations, aconia, etc. bloom beautifully in this season and in their fullest potential. Unlike us, flowers are pretty happy and chirpy during this entire season. Here are a few flowers that bloom in January, just in case you wish to plant some.

flowers that bloom in January

Winter Jasmine

One of the easiest flowering plants that often blooms beautifully in January month is Winter Jasmine. Scientifically goes by the name Jasminum nudiflorum, these are cheery, winter miracle flowers. These flowering plants prefer well-drained soil in full sun exposure to do their well.

Winter Jasmine bloom in January


Often people like to gift a bunch of carnations because of its beautiful symbolisation of motherly affection and to reflect deep love and admiration from some reputed online florist alongwith flower delivery in Noida or wherever a person resides. Not many know that carnations are one of the flowers that grow well in January. These kinds of flowering plants are native to the Mediterranean region.

Carnations bloom in January

Winter Aconite

As winter is approaching it is time to see winter aconite blooming to its fullest potential. This flower is an early riser. These flowering plants don’t mind a bit of frost and you can just leave these plants to be and thrive on their own. It prefers fertile, well-drained soil.

Winter Aconite bloom in January

Algerian Iris

Instead of summers, Algerian iris flower plants do well in winters. These flowers produce an evergreen mound of grass-like foliage. In late fall, this plant will delight you with its lovely flowers. The beautiful sweet smelling fragrance of its flowers are sure to leave your indoors smelling pretty awesome.

Algerian Iris bloom in January


This flowering species of the plant gets its name from the Greek krokos which means "saffron". Crocus belongs to the species of the Iris family. It is one such flowering plant that grows well in autumn, winter, or spring. It comes in lilac, mauve, yellow, and white colors of flowers.

Crocus bloom in January


These exotic trumpet-like flowering plants grab everyone's attention in the room. Amaryllis comes in different dramatic colours and comes from the Greek word which translates to "to sparkle." They come in various colours like red and white, pink, salmon, apricot, rose or deep burgundy, or even in some dual tone colours. This flowering plant needs to be treated with an all-purpose houseplant plant fertilizer.

Amaryllis bloom in January

Witch Hazel

This flowering species of plant belongs to the family Hamamelidaceae. In North America, it is referred to as winterbloom. It has various medicinal properties to look forward to and bears beautiful rich yellow to orange-red flowers which start blooming around autumn.

Witch Hazel bloom in January

So, these were a few popular flowers that bloom in January.