Popular Flowers Used for Making Scents

Flower fragrances make women feel most feminine and attractive. The process of manufacturing floral scents is very interesting. Natural flowers are made from real flowers; there is an abundance of distinctive fragrances in the plant world. Whenever we visit any garden, we get lost in the mesmerizing smell of flowers, and we wish to capture that fragrance forever. The flowers' unique fragrances are the reason they are used in creating a refreshing scent in the perfume industry. The perfumes not only make your personality alluring but also have a positive effect on your mind that offers self-confidence to present yourself in front of people and interact with them.


Let's get into the details to know about which flowers are used to make floral scents.

How Plants Produce Fragrance?

Plants generate fragrances to attract pollinators as certain insects can detect the scent from a great instance, so it becomes an efficient way of attracting pollinators with different colours and shapes. Insects actually use their antennae or other sense organs to detect the chemicals that produce the fragrance. The scent of the plant is stored in essential oils within its petals.

You may have noticed that when the weather is warmer, the scent of a plant appears to be stronger. This happens because the oils combine and evaporate in warmer weather, and their smells are released into the air which attracts the insects for pollination.


Rose flower is popularly known as the 'queen of flowers. It is one of the main ingredients of many floral perfumes often used by people. Roses are always harvested at night as during nights they carry a strong smell before the sunrise. Rosa Centifolia and Rosa Damascene, found in the South of France and Arab countries are the two most common species of roses used in making perfumes. Using the notes of roses in a perfume provides a very refreshing scent which spellbinds people's senses to the core.



Jasmine is known to be one of the most pleasant and sweet-smelling flowers in the world. They are harvested early in the morning when their fragrance is at its peak, and the process of making scent starts immediately before their fragrance fades away. Jasmine is available in white and yellowish colours and is found in tropical regions worldwide. Because of their enchanting fragrance, there is a massive demand for it for the production of perfumes and cosmetics products. The flowers of jasmine are also used in aromatherapy. Dried jasmine flowers are used for making tea as it has an amazing scent and calming effect on the brain.



Beautiful lavenders are the sweet-smelling flowers used for several purposes ranging from making perfumes to medicinal uses. It also has antibacterial and antifungal effects. These flowers are found across the Canary Islands, South Europe, North and East Africa, Arabia, the Mediterranean, and India. Lavender has a very different fragrance that combines 180 different constituents and is widely used in the perfume industry to add a top or middle note to perfumes. Hybrid Lavandin lavender is one of the most fragrant species.



Plumeria is considered to be the strongest scent among all the floral fragrances available, which makes it the essential and fundamental ingredient of several perfumes. Originating from Central America and Mexico, it is very famous for its beautiful appearance on Hawaiian leis. Plumeria are admired by the Polynesian Islanders for their smell, durability and different pastel shades. If Plumeria is kept in freshwater, it can last for several days without wilting.



A vast variety of species of lilies, each possessing a different but delicate fragrance, can be seen worldwide. While some are rich and vibrant, others are strong, making them suitable for both women and men.



This floral perfume has a spicy, heady and creamy aroma. Extracts of tuberose are used in perfumery. It is included in the most expensive raw materials of the perfume industry as it is a difficult task to take out the scent from the large volume of flowers.


So now, whenever you go perfume shopping, keep in mind this list and make sure that you check the notes and choose a fragrance that makes you feel super confident and unique.