Fun Vegan Gift Ideas For Holidays 2021

Veganism is the new hype, especially among the youngsters and we are all rooting for this amazing trend! A positive initiative should always be appreciated, especially if it is towards the betterment of all living beings and mother earth. For all those who don’t know what veganism is, I am not judging but seriously have you been living under a rock or something? Veganism is a way of living or a lifestyle choice where an individual excludes, as much as possible and practically, all the products that can cause cruelty towards animals including dairy products. If you have a friend or family member in your life who is Vegan, you should feel proud of yourself (and should learn a thing or two from them). Show your support for their wonderful and brave choice cause let me tell you veganism is Hard! Shower your love on them by getting special vegan gift ideas for holidays. So to help you here are some awesome gifts that you can give to those great folks.

Personalized Vegan Notebook

Not a lot of people are aware of this but a lot of animal substance goes into making books and notebooks such as Gelatine that is used in glue, a substance that is made out of animal bones. Vegan notebooks use glue that is made of plant-based adhesives making the notebook 100% cruelty-free! If your friend is aware of this fact then they will surely appreciate the gesture and if they are not you can inform them.

Faux Leather Wallet

One of the drawbacks of being a vegan is you have to let go of certain styles such as leather accessories. So surprise them with a backup accessory made out of faux leather. As the name suggests it is a fake leather that may not be of as high quality as real leather, but at least it does not have murder written all over it and if you are upset by the above statement, please get over it cause it’s true.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Utensils

If your vegan friend loves cooking, then getting them a unique eco-friendly bamboo utensil kit would be an excellent idea. These utensils are made of bamboo trees and are completely free of animal cruelty and also they are antibacterial, antifungal, and moisture-free. Basically, they are better than normal utensils, so probably switching to them won’t be such a bad idea now.

Natural Vegan Bath Bombs/Soaps

Many of the skincare products are made by animal cruelty either by experimentation or because of their ingredients. You may have to do a little research for this one but Natural Vegan bath bombs and soaps would make for an excellent present for your female friend who probably had to give up the luxury of a soothing bath when she turned to veganism.

Zero Waste Essentials Kit

One thing to remember is that vegans are environment lovers, so anything that causes harm to mother nature, they instantly dislike and anything that helps in saving the earth is definitely on their want list. Now whether we like it or not we all harm nature in one way or another even with our essentials. So, gift your friend and yourself a zero-waste essentials kit that includes Bamboo toothbrushes, Bamboo combs, no packaging vegan soaps, Bamboo straws, Coconut juice cups and bowls, and many more things.

Gifting is a way to make your near and dear ones feel good, don't let them become a reason to make the environment sad. Look for unique gifts online that are vegan and go green!