Funny Indian Mother Dialogues That We All Grew Up Listening To

‘Phone mein hi ghusa reh!’

How many times have you heard your mom utter this dialogue… Even now as you read this text, you can almost hear her voice and recall her expression. Our desi mothers are sassy and unapologetic. Spitting cold hard truths which often resonates with the choices that we make in life is one of their many superpowers. Thus, they are often spotted whipping up sass-dripping dialogues that make us sigh ‘Mummy please’ and our friends chuckle hard!
Mother's Day

Mommies are cool and fun - just like their patented monologues. And as Mother’s Day is fast approaching, we figured why not talk about these exceptionally creative ladies who exude pure sass?

So in this blog, we plan to list some of our favorite mom dialogues that have and will resonate with all desi kids!

Tod de… ghar ke sare cheeze tod de

Tod de ghar ke sare cheeze tod de

There is absolutely no forgiveness if you happen to bang some of the utensils in your kitchen. The simplest cling sound will trigger any desi mother into unleashing a series of dialogues which usually revolve around how you are about to break everything in the house because you are the clumsiest human being ever. And mind you, if a glass or a plate breaks! The disses from your mommy will grow exponentially throughout the day!

Kutta nahi ayega is ghar mein, tum kutton ko paal to rahi hoon!

Kutta nahi ayega is ghar mein, tum kutton ko paal to rahi hoon

Who has not had such an encounter with their desi moms regarding pet adoption? It is destined to be a failed mission no matter how old you are! Moms simply refuse to entertain their kids’ ideas of pet adoption. Bringing you back to reality in just a few sassy exchanges, this must be the most relatable and nostalgic Mother's Day dialogue ever!

Be it a dog or a cat, the answer to pet adoption is always a firm NO from our strict mommies!!

Yeh fashion hai?

Yeh fashion hai

Perhaps the most relatable dialogue thrown at us by our desi mothers. Whether you are sporting a pre-stitched saree or a crop leather jacket, your mom is surely going to make a comment about your fashion sense. Especially with the recent styling techniques that are available all across the world of social media, mothers have taken the front and center with sass-dripping comments about fashion choices. But we have to agree with their sentiments. There are some rather cringy pieces of attire that we donned, which were outright embarrassing.

So for this year’s mothers day gifts shopping, steer clear of questionable fashion choices and get your mum the attire that she likes!

Time pe ghar nahi aaye toh bahar hi sona…

Time pe ghar nahi aaye toh bahar hi sona

How many times have you had to coax your mommy into letting you stay out a little while longer than the established curfew? This is the most classic statement made by our dearest mommies while responding to our request. There are often slight modifications to this dialogue, with the impending threat of involving Dad being one of the most prominent.

So this year, get your mum some delicious mother's day gift hampers as a potential bribe for extending the curfew on occasions!

Beta, ye dharamshala nahi hai… koi party nahi hogi

Beta, ye Dharamshala nahi hai

Whether Dharamshala or a hotel, desi moms really know how to make the most impact! As soon as you utter the wish to invite your friend over for a get-together, this comment brings you back to reality.

Tumhare dost kuye mein kudenge toh kya tum bhi kudoge?

Tumhare dost kuye mein kudenge toh kya tum bhi ku doge

Ask mom permission for a goa trip, or even for a night out plan, desi mothers will absolutely sas it up with this classic dialogue. This is what we call a reality check. From time to time, Indian mothers like to tame their wild hormone-driven teenagers by addressing the basic rules of peer pressure.

Main kya tumhari personal assistant hoon?

Main kya tumhari personal assistant hoon

Moms like to remind us of their importance ALL THE TIME! From throwing clever dialogues like “mere to dus haat (ten hands) hai” to “main nahi hoti toh is ghar ka kya hota?”, mommies really like to put the rest of us in our places with a side of fun. So, on this mom's day, celebrate her with Mother’s Day special cakes as she sasses over how she is not your personal assistant who will run your errands.

Jab karoge hi nahi toh samajh mein kaise ayega?

Jab karoge hi nahi toh samajh mein kaise ayega

Indian mothers are the funniest when they are angry. This is because their anger doesn't last for too long. Even when they are at their angriest self, moms really have a way of showing their disappointment with more sass. Refuse to do something because you don’t know how to, and they will throw a knowledgeable piece of advice cum dialogue.