Funny New Year Resolutions of All Time

As soon as the New Year vibes started hitting us all at the end of December, the thought of making life better by making some resolutions flooded our minds. It is quite a natural thing, and resolutions have helped people lead better lifestyles. But for people who love to look for humor in everything, we got some funny new year's resolutions.
Not be mistaken for just fun; funny resolutions should also be followed to understand what kind of fun they hide in. The fresh to the next 365 days of life do on a happy note with New Year's Eve's party, but it can get stuck somewhere due to predicaments.

Funny New Year Resolutions

To put a smile on your face, we have stepped ahead of things and created some funniest new year's resolutions that will be your dose of entertainment, fun, laughs, and joys, time after time, throughout the year.

  • Take a resolution to not fart that much that you did last year, and try to do whatever it takes to check and mark your new year's resolution.
  • Your new year's resolution can be you will watch funny videos and funny movies throughout the year.
  • Whatever balance is owed by others, don't confiscate utensils, belongings, love, fights, feelings, and emotions and return them before the new year. Do not carry forward anything; to be new in the new year you have to leave the old (It is written in Gita)
  • Stop watching TV news: In the new year, save children from watching anything educational like Lok/Rajya Sabha TV or Hindi-English news and let them watch cartoons and watch together. The chances of your child getting spoiled, learning the parliamentary language, becoming violent and stupid after watching the news and parliament, etc., is very high.
  • Who cares if you get fatty? Keep on eating your favourite desserts and burgers. There is only one life, so you shouldn't leave what makes you happy.
  • Do you love Starbucks? If yes, then your resolution should be; to order every single drink available on the Starbucks menu. How about picking two to three drinks every month?
  • Instagram reels or Instagram posts; stop copying your captions from different websites and from other people's profiles. Start writing your captions.
  • I don't know about your daily bathing, but you can make a new year's resolution to take your car or bike to a proper deep wash every weekend.
  • A resolution about celebrating your night drink with all feelings is quite interesting. End your night drink every night with an enthusiastic "Aahhhh, Baby!
  • Who said track shoes should be at work every day? Get your track shoes framed in a glass box and put them as a showpiece in your room for the whole year.
  • Who doesn't love memes? Instead of reacting to memes, be resolute about getting reactions to your memes. Create a meme page and distribute laughs and smiles.
  • Join a fun club where people meet and try to make each other smile. It is far better than joining WhatsApp groups.
  • Fashion today is different and sometimes funny too. Make a list of wardrobe items you want and buy their quirky variants from wherever possible. At the end of the year, you will have an attention-worthy wardrobe collection.
  • Plan to visit a stand-up comedy club once a month so that you can have enough dopamine released in your body and relaxation in your life.
  • Prank someone every two weeks in your office, and don't let people find out that you are the prankster. This is gonna be so much fun!
  • Sometimes stupidity is funny and satisfactory. Buy all the stupid things that you see on digital media. The things that you must tickle your inner child when you see them first.
  • Ditch the forms to your office one day and see how everyone reacts. And ditching formals means attending the office in pyjamas, shirts, and slippers.
  • The funniest and one of the most humorous resolutions would be to not make any resolution. Let life go with the flow.
  • Binge-watch old classic funny movies and shows. Get yourself served with content that is original and away from the abuses.

You can share your funny and humorous resolutions with your friends and colleagues and talk to them about making resolutions that will require effort from both. We do hope that you liked and loved and laughed over the funny new year resolution ideas shared with us. And we do hope that you will have the best year of your life filled with countless funny and joyful moments.

Get ready to welcome the new year! Get your party attire done right! Put on your dancing shoes! And get the best happy new year gifts for your loved ones.

Also, remember to make some good and life-changing resolutions so that you will avoid ending the new year with regrets.