6 Funny Raksha Bandhan Gifts To Give To Your Siblings

Siblings--you love them and dislove them in equal measures. But, you can’t live without them and you wouldn’t. Keeping the equation you share with your sibling, don’t go overboard with sentimental, serious gifts. Choose funny Raksha Bandhan gifts, prank gifts and you will be the winner. These ideas will suit the relationship you share perfectly.

Funny Raksha Bandhan Gifts To Give To Your Siblings

1. Box of Insults

You live to insult your sibling. Right? The greatest joy on this earth is to tease your sibling. On Raksha Bandhan shows immense love with a box of insults. In your absence, the box will do the job and keep the spark alive in your relationship. The box has got cards with creative and sarcastic insults written on it:

  • I am not insulting you, I am describing you
  • To make you laugh on Saturday, I have to tell a joke on Wednesday
  • You are the female Vibhishan in my life
Box of Insults

2. Pop Up Glitter

Play a prank on your sibling and bring a big smile on everyone’s face. The glitter is hidden in a pretty box. As your siblings open the box, the glitter will pop out everywhere. There will be so much glitter and your sibling will find it everywhere for weeks. While your sibling will loathe you, you can have a hearty laugh.

Pop Up Glitter

3. Hilarious Cards

Your sibling surely has a habit for which he/she often has to hear insults or is constantly made fun of. On a festive day, remind your sibling of his/her annoying habit with hilarious cards like

  • Your are the human vulture
  • Award for Bermuda triangle goes to you
  • You the are the human monkey
  • You can send these cards along with rakhi online to your brother living in another city.
Hilarious Cards

Hairy Chest Shirt

Your hairy chest brother surely needs recognition for his male virility. Gift him a hairy-chest t-shirt. Such a gift will bring a shy, embarrassing yet funny smile to his face, the one you like the most. Afterward, be ready for sibling revenge.

Hairy Chest Shirt

Money Soap

On Raksha Bandhan you give her cash, and this time too you want to continue with the tradition. However, you are trying to make your gift comic. Go with a money soap. The soap bar has a currency note rolled inside it. And it's a good way to encourage her for regular baths.

Money Soap

Selfie Toaster

For your selfie-loving sister, sometimes a mirror isn’t just enough. So, go ahead and give her a selfie toaster. You can eat her up too when you are mad at her. This toaster will revolutionize your relationship with food and each other.

Selfie Toaster

Siblings share a funny rapport. They have the birthright to tease each other till the last breath. These gift ideas are ideal for gifting on Raksha Bandhan. You can send it along with silver rakhi to your brother or as a return gift to your sister. Let this festivity be all about hearty laughs and never-ending sibling love.