Lockdown Gift Guide for Father’s Day

Family is love. Our homies are all we need to get through the toughest and the softest time of our lives, but the lockdown has really got on our nerves, hasn't it? Staying in individual rooms all day is not the solution and being out and with all our family members at all times is equally taxing as well. Amid this time when no way feels like the righteous one, it's happy moments and celebration times that bind the spirit of wellness and goodwill. And the one recent coming such a day is fathers day that calls for nothing less than a complete blast. In a lockdown, it may be not easy to do a few things, but they can always be sorted by cooking at home and decorating as well.

Creating decorative themes like a tent or a room filled with flowers and balloons can be fruitful ideas, and above that, they can be created well at home and aren't so difficult to think about. But the next tough thing that comes into conversation when you think about fathers day gift ideas is what to gift and how to fetch the ringtone. Well, there will be no issue once you know the right choice to go for. Be sure to find written below a combination of excellent presents and a whole bunch of them. It will be a mix of handmade presents and some online gifts that you can order from a reliable online platform. So before further ado, let's get to a bunch of exciting presents that will sort your fathers day gift ideas and will fill your father's heart with love and pride.

Lockdown Gift Guide for Father’s Day

1.Customised t-shirt

A customised t-shirt with a decent message for your dad can be a way to approach your dad's heart. You can get it online and make it more fun by adding something you like, a picture of your father on the t-shirt. Don't mind getting it in pairs as well for your dad and flaunt the masterpiece together.

Customised t-shirt

2.Photo frame

A customisable photo frame for your dad through an online portal that can be a wooden or a glass frame with quotes, messages, dates and pictures can be a great choice. You can get those hung on the wall and are big family frames. On similar lines, you can get a family tree frame too.

Photo frame


Get a watch for your father, possibly a branded one that lines with his reputation. You can get it online. It is a safe gift that your father will definitely like that can be used every day and on special days too. These may be costly, but if you are not sure of your fathers, you should go for branded watches.


4.Greeting card

Don't think of buying a greeting card for your father unless you are living away from your father, in which case you should send an ecard with beautiful greetings. On the other hand, if you live together, make a handmade greeting card for him and add elements of anecdotes from earlier times and other images and messages you want to share.

Greeting card

5.Music box

A music box with songs from olden times is a good choice without a doubt which must include his favourite ones. You can always make a playlist for him with songs from his generation and add them in the application he uses to listen to songs online. Or you can buy products that come with ready-made playlists and options to play the music of your choice as well.

Music box

6.Gym wear

Whether or not your father is a gym freak, there's always scope to would his interest and tilt it towards gyming and staying fit. Even a walk every day requires an outfit that not only is comfortable but makes it more comfortable and stylish for him to go ahead with. You can get branded ones if you like, and it will be nice to keep the colour combination subtle.

Gym wear

7.Branded pen

Gift your father a branded pen that is costly but says more words than one can imagine. Fathers use pens every day and it is only great that you gift him something that can be put to use. Fathers also mostly have a liking for the end, and they like to own the most stylish and costly ones. Add to his passion by buying him a grand one.

Branded pen


Planters are subtle choices of gift, but they are truly the most heartfelt presents you can gift to anybody, let alone your father. A planter can be bought online, and palms, succulents and table plants are good choices to go for. It may not seem like a usual idea, but the inner peace and happiness plants bring are incomparable.