10 Gift Ideas for Bollywood Lover

Within each of us reside either a Shah Rukh Khan that replies to all conversations in the iconic kkkk...kiran style or Madhuri Dixit who gets into the dancing mode with a beat of Ek, Do, Teen. It goes without a saying, many of us; almost everyone is a Bollywood lover. We adore Bollywood stars. From imitating the dialogues to taking fashion cues, Bollywood is at the heart and soul of the nation.

If you happen to know a drama queen who binge-watches Bollywood movies ten times a day or romantic friend who takes his love classes from the Bollywood kings of romance. For that matter, anyone who waits for a Bollywood movie with bated breath or someone who just love Bollywood, then we have what you need.

10 Gift Ideas for Bollywood Lover

Here is a meticulously curated list of gifts for movie lovers. The list includes cool and quirkiest bollywood gifts for the ultimate filmy feel.

1. Face Mask

Wearing a face mask is the new normal. So, why not make the new normal a bit stylish and dramatic? Keeping up with all the safety and social distancing norms, gift your Bollywood fanatic friend, sister, brother, or anyone a face mask printed either with a movie dialogue or the actors from the movie. Like, a Kuch-Kuch Hota Hai mask, Gabbar mask, etc.

Face Mask

2. Coaster Set

Coasters are a daily essential. Bid adieu to the boring and dull black-white coasters and bring home a set of Bollywood dialogue coasters. Each other coaster is printed with iconic Bollywood dialogue, thus transforming the dining area into an action area where all can have a hearty laugh with a meal. It is one of the best gifts for movie buffs who are also homemakers or love to shop for home decor.

Coaster Set

3. Cushions

Cushions are a thing of comfort. Moreover, they make any living space more vibrant and lively. But, if you wish to give a cushion to a Bollywood lover, then a Bollywood themed cushion is a perfect choice. From the sets of Bombay to the station of DDLJ, several Bollywood themed cushions are available that you can consider for gifting.


4. Beverage Mug

If you know a person whose morning doesn’t start without a cup of coffee or tea, then what’s a better gift than a beverage mug for him or her? And, if the recipient is a Bollywood fan, then make him or her have a coffee with his or her favourite star. Get the mug printed with the picture of a movie star he or she admires the most. If possible, you can make a combo of bollywood themed gifts like a cushion, mug and coasters.

Beverage Mug

5. T-Shirts

Cool and quirky t-shirts are in vogue. They are suitable for casual outings, semi-formal office wear, dates, and more. Coming in solid colours with digital printed Bollywood quotes, this gift will help the recipient flaunt his or her love for Bollywood. Moreover, it is perfect for both males and females.


6. Laptop Sleeve

If your boss or mentor enjoys watching Bollywood movies and often speaks Bollywood dialogues, then a laptop sleeve with iconic dialogues like “Mogambo Khush Hua,” or “Kitne Aadmi The,” etc. is apt for his or position and interests.

Laptop Sleeve

7. Bar Accessories

Bollywood has given us many drunk scenes that are par excellence. Thus, booze and Bollywood lovers deserve nothing more than a set of bar accessories with Bollywood quotes, like Munna Bhai or Sholay dialogue. Choose a combo that contains all, like a beer flask and shot glasses. It is also the perfect Gifts For Boyfriend, brother, friend.

Bar Accessories

8. BobbleHead

A creative gift for your car or home. Bobbleheads can be used as a piece of decor in your room or office. Because the recipient is a Bollywood maniac, a Gabbar bobblehead, Kabir bobblehead, Naina bobblehead is an adorable way to fuel his or her love for Bollywood.


9. Fridge Magnets

Refrigerator is an ideal canvas to decorate it with memories and creativeness. So, Bollywood themed fridge magnets are idyllic. A look of the magnets every time the recipient crosses the refrigerator will bring a smile on his or her face. Therefore, if you have been looking for movie themed gifts, then this should be your pick.

Fridge Magnets

10. Mouse Pad

Whether it’s work from home or work from the office, a mouse pad is an essential thing in a professional’s life. Make working more enjoyable by getting a Bollywood themed mouse pad.

Mouse Pad

Thus, these were some of the best gifts for movie lovers that you can give to Bollywood fans on any occasion or buy for your Bollywood loving self. These options are not only useful but unique from the rest.