5 Gift Wrapping Ideas Without Box

Picture this:You are running late and you are supposed to wrap a gift for your dearest one. But the challenge is the present is not packed in a box, and neither can you can’t find one. What to do? Give the present in a paper bag? It’s a big No! Stop scratching your head. There are different creative ways to wrap a gift without the box that you can opt for to send gifts to your lovely ones. There are plenty of occasions when you are supposed to send gifts to your nearest and dearest ones. The entire year is filled with occasions, such as Christmas, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Thanksgiving, New Year, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and so much more.

If you are looking for the answers to your question of how to wrap gift without box, then you have landed on the right space. You will find the perfect wrapping techniques here, whether it’s Teachers day gifts, birthday gifts, or anniversary gifts. Sharing with you some of the easy-peasy gift wrapping ideas without box.

Gift Wrapping Ideas Without Box

1. Candy Style

A unique wrapping style that is easiest to do.

  • Roll the item (If it's a sweatshirt or t-shirt). If not, you can simply put the gift in the middle of the wrapping paper and cover it.
  • Measure the wrapping paper and cut off the excess. Leave a little bit extra on both sides.
  • Secure the back with cello tapes (2-3)
  • Scrunch the top and button. Take a ribbon and double knot one end. Repeat the same with the ribbon on the other end. Curl the ribbons.
Candy Style

2. Bottle Style

Another wrapping style that looks unique and creative. You just need wrapping paper and ribbon; you will be done with this in a few minutes. Roll the item if possible. If not, you can simply place the gift in the middle and measure the wrapping paper.

  • Cut off the excess paper.
  • Secure the middle of the wrapping paper (where the ends meet) with cello tape.
  • Fold at the end of the wrapping paper to get a cylindrical shape
  • Scrunch the top of the wrapping paper and secure it with a ribbon tie.
Bottle Style

3. Bag Style

Wrap your gift in a bag style wrapping idea and you don’t even need a paper bag for the gift. Isn’t this cool?

  • Place the gift on the wrapping paper, measure and cut off the excess. (Square of rectangular-shaped gift would be more appropriate)
  • Push the gift towards the bottom of the wrapping paper, leaving excess space on the top.
  • Fold the bottom inwards as you do while wrapping the box gift.
  • You can scrunch the top or fold it in an envelope shape. Secure the scrunch with a ribbon tie.
Bag Style

4. Pillow Box Style

A gift wrapping idea for small tokens like chapsticks, gift cards, money or anything else.

  • Take a core (cardboard piece of toilet paper roll). Flatten it.
  • Fold the top and bottom inside to form crescent-shaped flaps
  • Put the gift inside and secure the flaps.
  • Now make a runner from the wrapping paper (it would cover only half of the gift in the middle).
  • Tie the ribbon on the top and you can add a gift tag as well.
Pillow Box Style

5. Envelope Style

A traditional way of wrapping gifts without a box. The gift looks neat and clean in this wrapping style.

  • Measure the wrapping paper and cut of the excess.
  • Place the gift item in the middle, fold the sides of the paper inwards and tape it up.
  • Now, fold the sides at the top and bottom.
  • Fold the edge in a triangular shape inwards and then the middle one so it's straight. Fold again and tape it off. Repeat with the other side as well.
  • Tie the ribbon horizontally and vertically across the gift.
Envelope Style

Notch up the appeal of your gifts by wrapping them in any of the above-listed styles. You can send gifts online but wrapping them is fun and makes the gift a bewitching beauty. We hope your question “how to wrap gift without box” is answered! Happy Gifting!