9 Gifts For Your Friend Who Loves To Travel

For some people, travelling is a form of meditation. It soothes them, calms them down, and somehow makes them a better person. These people love to soak in the knowledge of different cultures and are an ardent fan of various forms of nature beautifying the planet Earth. They may prefer experience over materialistic things but a beautiful gift brings nothing but sheer joy in the heart, and they will love for it. If your friend too has been bitten by the travel bug, then here are a few suggestions that could make their wanderlust easier and even more fun.

Gifts For Your Friend Who Loves To Travel

1. The Packing Cubes

The packing cubes make travel a lot easier than the luggage crammed and folded inside the trolley bag. They come in different sizes, and one can accommodate everything in them, from toiletries to clothes and shoes. The convenient square and rectangle shapes make the befitting evenly for backpacks and suitcases. Next time, when your friend wishes to take out her favourite blue cardigan kept at the bottom, she doesn’t need to unpack everything but just the particular packing cubes.

Packing Cubes

2. Personalised Passport Holder

The most necessary thing to satiate the craving to wander the streets of the dream city is the passport and identity cards. One may afford to lose all their luggage but not these papers. To keep them safe and sound, a passport holder is the best bet. It comes with multiple folders to hold all the essential documents in one place. Make it an even more attractive gift for a friend by personalising it with the name.

Personalised Passport Holder

3. Power Bank

It is quite hard to find an outlet to charge the phone at airports, restaurants and cabs and metros. If you think about it, it is even harder to find a phone whose battery could last the entire day with calls being made, GPS being used and photos being clicked which are the three most cardinal uses of a traveller’s phone. This is where an external battery or better known as power bank comes handy enough. They are portable enough and could even fit in a handbag.

Power Bank

4.Portable Speaker

A few moments of music could turn the whole day around. A portable music speaker could help your friend to enjoy a moment anywhere they wish while having the time of her life. Imagine listening to a soothing track while sitting on the beach or a motivational number while going for a hike. If you could lay hands on one embedded with other features such as a flashlight, it will be the most awesome thing they will possess in their bags.

Portable Speaker

5. Duffle Bag

It will come real handy for trips to local markets or tourist spots. Every time they step out, they won’t have to carry her luggage, and this duffle bag could accommodate essentials seamlessly. It will also keep their style in check and will complement most of the outfits. Pick a classic colour to make it a part of the Instagram pictures. It is a perfect gift idea for a friend ready to take off in a few days.

Duffle Bag

6. Checklist Planner

It could be used to plan out the whole day, the places to visit, the things to pack and the shopping list. It won’t let your friend forget a single thing and could make the trip to their favourite city or country even more enjoyable. They won’t regret not buying that certain scarf or not visiting that famous spot. Moreover, it won’t let them forget and leave behind their toiletries or clothes just because they forgot to look at the hotel closet.

Checklist Planner

7. Portable Coffee Maker

This one doesn’t need an explanation. Forget stopping on expensive cafes and spending all the money on coffee. At times, your friend will be short on money, and sometimes, they will be short on time. In both situations, a portable coffee maker will serve as a holy grail of their entire trip, making them enjoy the sip while looking over mountains, just like in coffee commercials!

Portable Coffee Maker

8. Neck Pillow

This could make them feel like sleeping on a cloud while travelling by bus, train, plane or car. They could easily steal a nap which will keep them fresh and open for the adventures waiting for them for the rest of the day. Travel doesn’t mean sore neck and poor sleep, it should be as relaxing as any other activity, and a soft, cushioned neck pillow will make sure of it. Pick one in their favourite colour, preferable darker shade as light ones will start looking dirty quite soon enough.

Neck Pillow

9. Portable Iron

In this digital age, is life even worth it if your friend didn’t upload a few gorgeous pictures on Instagram to show the world how much fun they are having? Well, the internet is not so forgiving so one has to be on perfect point all the times and a creased outfit is just not one wants people to see. Moreover, it is only beneficial to be well-dressed while meeting new people at a new place. A portable iron will keep all their outfit crease-free and shining to make the right impression.

Portable Iron

There is one more thing you can include with this gift to make the trip a memorable one for your bestie, and that is you! You can join them on the fun and have some of the best moments together.