10 Gifts For Pregnant Women or Wife

Firstly, congratulations to all the expecting women. Lately, we have heard a lot of good news from all the four corners of the world. Every expectant mother’s journey is unique, but there are some shared joys and troubles. From shopping to cute onesies to baby-proofing the house to going through physical and mental changes, pregnancy is a challenging yet a happy phase that every woman wishes to embrace.

gifts For Pregnant Women or Wife

If your wife, friend, or someone is expecting her bundle of joy, then here are some ideas of gifts for pregnant women to make their journey of being a mom supportive and smooth.

1) Maternity Robe

A Robe made of breathable and comfortable fabric is a must for a pregnant lady that she can wear during her pregnancy and hospital stays. Choose a pattern and robe that she can wear in all the stages of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. If possible, get it personalised with “Mom To Be” followed by her name.

Maternity Robe

2) Tummy Butter

Stretch marks that happen in pregnancy due to weight fluctuations are a beauty concern for all the expecting ladies, including your wife. A tummy butter that improves skin elasticity and visibly reduces the appearance of stretch marks is a thoughtful gift for pregnant wife and other expecting women. The pleasing smell makes it a total win-win.

Tummy Butter

3) A Fun Book

Most likely, new moms have a pile of books on parenting like What To Expect, Parenting Guide, Do’s and Don'ts of Parenting, etc. A fun read such as The big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People will give her a huge laugh she needs.

A Fun Book

4) Bath Salts

Pain, sore muscles are common in every pregnancy. So, bath salt in a variety of flavours like dead sea salt with magnesium, milk and honey is a good gift to give to ease those tensed muscles and aches.

Bath Salts

5) Tummy Drops

Nausea, morning sickness are common during pregnancy. These issues are a bit frustrating for mothers to be as well. To comfort and support women expecting, gift them tummy drops--peppermint oil or ginger extract. It’s an all-natural way to manage symptoms of nausea and morning sickness. Women can keep them in their purse, so that's always on hand.

 Tummy Drops

6) Mama To Be Gift Hamper

If you want to give your expecting wife or any other woman, not one but many gifts to make her journey a comfortable one, then go with Mama-to-be gift hamper. You can choose to handcraft it your own by adding soothing belly butter, foot cream, candles, and other gifts with a note in a basket. Or you could look for such hampers on websites offering online gift for wife and pregnant women.

6 Mama To Be Gift Hamper

7) Mixology Book

Every expecting mother is advised to give up on hard-drinks for the health and safety of the baby and mother itself. But, new moms do not have to fully give up on the idea of having fun because this book has mixology recipes using healthy ingredients for mom-to-be like herbs, ginger, and juices.

7 Mixology Book

8) Pre-packed Labor Combo Gift

For the first time mother, the journey is as g as it is exhilarating. She would need some guidance and preparatory tips to prepare for labour and hospital expeditions. Help her get prepared with a combo gift of travel-sized essentials and a delivery bag. You can easily get it online from where you can send gifts to Chennai or wherever the expecting woman resides.

8 Pre-packed Labor Combo Gift

9) Instant Photo Printer

Mothers spend most of their time with the newborn baby and are first to witness their cute movements. And every mother would love to capture every moment of and with her baby. An instant photo printer that allows her to print endless photographs to be kept in a wallet, framed.

9 Instant Photo Printer

10) Sonogram Frame

A frame that displays the sonogram of her future little one for years to come is a thoughtful and sentimental gift for any pregnant woman.

10 Sonogram Frame

We hope you have got pretty much ideas of gifts for pregnant wife or woman you should give.