Gifts that your Sisters Will Love to Receive on Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan- an Indian festival that celebrates the bond between siblings, is a fun way of cherishing the siblings bond. And unlike brothers, this day holds a special place in a sister’s heart. Not just because she is going to be showered with loads of Rakhi shagun, but also because with that shagun comes to her the responsibility of saving her brother from parents scolding.

Gifts that your Sisters Will Love to Receive on Rakhi

Both brothers and sisters have a different way of doing anything in their life. So to make the task easy for all the brothers out there below is a list of Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister ideas. Let’s begin-

1. Gym Membership

The first gift that tops our rakhi gift ideas for sister list has to be a gym membership. Why? Because you want your sister or moti (as you love to tease her) to be fit and healthy.

Gym Membership

2. Discount Vouchers

Every girl loves shopping, and your sister is not an exception. So gift her a few discount coupons through which she can shop online or offline. Also, you can present the vouchers, well wrapped in a box along with some chocolates and flowers if you like.

Discount Vouchers

3. Jogging Shoes

Another essential that your sister would love to have is a pair of shoes. Buy her a pair of comfortable jogging shoes, that she can carry to her gym or while exercising. And if by chance you have no idea about her shoe size, then what is better than an after-party and shopping scene on Raksha Bandhan?

Jogging Shoes

4. Gourmet Basket

We all are quite familiar with our siblings' eating habits, and if you know your sister well, then you know how much junk she binges. So, this Rakhi, gift her a gourmet basket, made of healthy grains and helps her eat healthily.

Gourmet Basket

5. A Trip

The only trips you both had been the ones that you made to your Nani ke Ghar, during summer vacations. This year, plan and go on a trip with your sister to a place she would enjoy. Make the bookings on the dates that you think she would be surely free, and ask her to pack her bags, ASAP (after all, you guys need to leave this year ).


6. A Jewel Piece

Be it your birthday or your victory in a school olympiad, your sister has made sure to celebrate that day. So this Rakhi, celebrate her love and present her with a delicate piece of jewellery. Need not to make it big or expensive, if not gold then go for silver jewellery, in fact, junk jewellery works the best.

Jewel Piece

7. A Gadget

Another one in the list of rakhi return gifts for sister ideas needs to be a gadget. Be it a mobile phone or a smartwatch, pay attention to what she has been cribbing for, from the longest of time. And get the same, without another thought.


8. Home Decor

Not just yours, but everyone’s sister likes to decorate the house with minimal expenditure. So, cherish such a sister with a home decor piece that she was eyeing from long, but could not buy.

Home Decor

9. Movie Tickets

Movies have always been a great way to kill boredom and get entertained. So either take her out for a movie this Rakhi or give her movie tickets as a return gift for sister, this Rakhi.

Movie Tickets

10. Digital Subscription

She might be too naive to ask your password of any of the digital T.V. you watch. Better you surprise her with a yearly subscription of a digital channel this Rakhi and leave her in awe?

Digital Subscription

11. Skincare Hamper

Every girl likes to pamper herself and your sister is no exception. Also, she would not imagine this coming from you. And by now, you know what all beauty products she uses to keep her skin fresh and glowing. Buy all of them in more natural variants and let her skin breathe a little more.

Skincare Hamper

12. A Kindle

Everybody loves to read books, and actually, they are a symbol of intellect. Give such a reader sister of yours a Kindle, and she’ll be all good to go. This one would be one of the perfect Raksha Bandhan gifts for girls.

A Kindle

So, the list is all set, and now you need to make your mind as to what to give her. Moreover, the gifts you want to give her, what matters most is the love you have for, the respect she demands from you. Treat your sister with some chocolates here and there, and we promise she won’t demand much! And now that you have the list of gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan, go ahead and pick the best one for her.