Go Green To Save Mother Nature

After all, sustainability means running the global environment—Earth Inc.—like a corporation: with depreciation, amortization and maintenance accounts. In other words, keeping the asset whole, rather than undermining your natural capital. – Maurice Strong

Go green is not just a slogan or a saying, rather the need of the hour. And the sooner people take this - go green save Earth seriously, it will be better for all the species coexisting in this Earth. Going green would mean having the knowledge and carrying out some practises so that these can lead to creating more environmentally friendly surroundings. It urges us to be aware of the ways in which we can save trees and thereby can save nature. To figure out ways or measures to save mother earth who is getting ill due to various cruel human exploitation. Though, no doubt as people are getting aware these days and are bringing plants like a spider plant, money plant indoor due to some level we are being able to combat the pollution levels. But what about the other environmental concerns? Doesn’t they need to be even conserved, preserved and prevented from any further deterioration? Well, they sure do!

Go Green To Save Mother Nature

Every now and then we hear about our Earth undergoing some serious environmental threat due to wastage of nonrenewable resources, deforestation, causing harm to ecosystems and biodiversity and indulging in some human acts which result in worsening air/ water quality. All of these issues often raise our eyebrows out of angst and curiosity which often helps us wonder - how to save mother earth. So, to answer your question we have suggested a few ways/ measures save mother nature. Make sure you make a note of these pointers and start doing your bit, right away.

How To Save Nature And Go Green:

1. Make your surroundings more eco-friendly to save Mother Earth. Moreover, using sustainable products have a low impact on the environment, thereby boosting the value of your homes.

Make your Surroundings More Eco-friendly

2. Less Consumption of energy by using energy-efficient appliances only. For e.g - when purchasing an air conditioner, watch out the stars on it. The stars show us how energy-efficient your Ac will be.

Less Consumption of Energy by Using Energy-efficient Appliances

3. Conserve water by opting for sustainable methods. For e.g - not running washing machines with full power and lots of water which will result in both water and energy wastage.

Conserve Water by Opting for Sustainable Methods

4. A durable house designed with recycled products is said to last longer for years and years to come in future. To be precise, 5 years more.

Durable House Designed with Recycled Products

5. Breathe cleaner air by bringing lush greenery indoors as well as outdoors. Save on your med and hospital bills and get blessed with improved health.

Breathe Cleaner Air by Bringing Lush Greenery Indoors

6. Eat green which would mean to eat local, organic or seasonal produce. When you do so, you can boost the local economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Inculcate the habit of organic farming to embrace healthy yet simple living.

Eat Green which would Mean to Eat Local

7. Say no to deforestation and whoever initiates doing so, report to your nearest government environment-related NGO or association. It’s high time we must save our beautiful dene rainforest and not replace it with tall skyscrapers or other such infrastructural facilities.

Say no to Deforestation

8. Use public transport or carpool to save gas or fuel. Also, try replacing petrol/ diesel with CNG. As CNG is a healthy fuel, so save the mother Earth from the harmful emissions.

Use Public Transport or Carpool to Save Gas or Fuel

9. Wear clothes that don't need to be dry-cleaned as this saves money and cuts down on toxic chemical use as well as lessens the power consumption.

Wear Clothes that Do Not Need to be dry-cleaned

10. Don’t use plastic, under any circumstances. Rather use a biodegradable or jute bag to carry to substitute it.

Do Not Use Plastic

So, these were a few ways to go green and save Mother Earth. The change starts from us, let’s start doing our bit.