Good Fortune Does Grow On Trees! Find Out How Lucky Bamboo Just Brings That

Lucky Bamboo is an indoor plant that is loved highly around the globe, and it deserves all the praise that it receives!

You might have heard your parents saying that ‘spend wisely; money doesn’t grow on trees. It is true, but you can tell that; good fortune does grow on trees, and lucky bamboo plants do that for you.

Apart from the green beauty and a droplet-like highlight to your home decor, lucky bamboo brings much-needed fortune. And the most visible fact to justify our claim is the popularity of the lucky bamboo tree. It is noticeable a way above and beyond all the indoor plants.

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How does the lucky bamboo tree prove to be lucky?

The Chinese tradition that makes rounds around the world suggests that a lucky bamboo plant has a different meaning and attracts different good things because of different bamboo stalks arrangements.

1.Love With Two Stalks - Love is also an important thing to have in life as it makes you happy. The arrangement of two stalks of Lucky Bamboo represents love.

2.Happiness, Wealth, & Long Life with Three Stalks - It is believed that three stalks of lucky bamboo bring and attracts long life, happiness, and wealth. In Chinese, three stalks represent Fu (happiness), Lu (wealth), and Soh (long life).

3.Areas Of Life That Impact Wealth With Five Stalks - Literally saying, Good fortune is synonymous with wealth and prosperity. The arrangement of beautiful lucky bamboo with five stalks impacts the five areas of your life that attract and impact wealth.

4.Good Luck with Six Stalks - What else do you need in your life if you have lots of good luck? It is believed that six stalks of lucky bamboo help in attracting and stuffing your life with loads of good luck.

5.Good Health with Seven Stalks - ‘Health is the biggest wealth’ we all have heard that a lot of times and it is so true. Good health means more productivity that lets you earn more, and you don’t spend your hard-earned money on medicines and treatment.

6.Growth with Eight Stalks - When you have good fortune, you grow in all areas of your life. The bamboo tree helps you with the growth part of your life when you have arrangements of eight stalks of bamboo tree.

7.Perfection with Ten Stalks - You can do things with perfection when you are chilled, and when you do, you get showered with good results and happy life. The arrangement of ten stalks of bamboo brings perfection.

8.Powerful Blessing with Twenty-One Stalks - You need blessings in life from the almighty and all the divine forces to achieve great heights of success. The arrangement of twenty-one stalks of bamboo brings and attracts powerful blessings.

Does Container Impact The Luck That Lucky Bamboo Brings?

Logically speaking, there is no such clarification that justifies that a specific kind of container or vase is required to enhance the luck that a lucky bamboo tree attracts. You may hear from people or read from places that keeping your lucky bamboo in a glass container helps in bringing great luck, but it is not true. A clear glass container helps you check on the water level and its cleanliness that lets you keep your plant growing well.

Grow a lucky bamboo plant for good luck and for a greener planet!