Gratitude filled things to do on New Years eve before the big bash

"It hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year", is a common feeling persisting in everyone's heart across the world in 2020. This year, nothing less than a shock to almost everybody has led to some weird times catching up to people. We have a constant disagreement with how this year came by like a stroke of wind and left us high and dry. Nevertheless, the new year is right around the corner, hoping it brings along merry times and a safer environment for everybody. Let's pledge to welcome it with big smiles and open arms. To do the same below is a list of things to do on new years along with a blast and a spree of new year gifts online to all, to divert our minds from the previous one and collecting all good energies fueling into one fantastic new year eve

Things to do on New Year

Let it all go with 2020

For all wrong done by 2020, for everything you think happened was unjust and unfair don't carry it with yourself and let go. It is only after this you will be able to welcome the coming year and opportunities, see the positive to it all, and make the difference in your life without cribbing and blaming scenarios that aren't in your control.

Call all friends and family

It's all over the social media people showed their real faces in 2020 but don't be this naive to judge your own. You may be unfamiliar with their circumstances or situations, which is why they may not have established the connection you once shared. Know that bonds are two-sided, and they aren't the only ones to blame. Make it a sure thing to do on new years eve, be the bigger person and call them to wish a prosperous year ahead.

Call all friends and family

Give little presents as a token of good luck.

Though 2020 came out to be a bad one when it comes to people's pockets, there still is plenty of emotions in your heart that will help you gift your loved one heartfelt, meaningful presents that convey love and support. There is power in giving regardless of your allowance, go out of the box to garnish with a sprinkle of goodness, your love.

Make resolutions to better your life.

It isn't always perks and stars falling in your lap; life is about making it happen for yourself and the ones who depend on you. If you gained stress weight in 2020, shed it this year, if you scored less due to some stress pledge to excel all your marks. Add it to your list of things to do on a new year, whatever was your excuse for not accomplishing the desired the previous year, change it the very first day.

Be positive

You may have seen it written in people bios and stories and heard people conversing about it in daily life, but not everyone sticks to these golden words. Regardless of all other people's decisions, what they wish to do or how they intend to go about the coming year too, make your individual decision to BE POSITIVE no matter what the year may throw in your face.

Be positive

Be humble to all

One thing this year has taught us for sure is to be humble and full of gratitude towards everybody. Be it our known and close ones or a stranger on the road. We never know what the other person may be going through in their lives, and it is inhuman to trigger someone's pain in such tough times. Without knowing the complete back story, you can't challenge, to infer what's in one's mind.

Don't let situations would you

How many times throughout the year did we tell ourselves 'it's because of 2020'. Not less than 365, we are sure. This year regardless of how it turns out, promise yourself not to let circumstances take charge instead be the decision-maker in your life and rule things how you expect them to be. Find your job, pursue your hobby, study hard and crack all that is desired; it is the one formulated things to do on new years.

Chant God's name every day

If not for religious or holy reasons, think of God every day for spiritual reasons. Think of him as a gateway to the most superior medication and as a companion to eternity. There's nothing you need to hide from him, he already knows it all, be open, be honest, be truthful of your thoughts and intentions, choose the right path, it is the strength you require to win.

Have gratitude towards life

You may crib all you want about the previous year. You may fire all charges on 2020, but deep down you know you are the lucky ones who survived all the wrath and made it through what could possibly be the toughest times in the history of human life. Be thankful to God for giving you the energy that you made it this far and ask for power to fight all challenges that may come your way.

Have gratitude towards life

We have all planned wondrous new year eve parties, but not many of us would have shone a light on the other side of this coin. Apart from everything you have pre-planned, make sure these things to do on new years becomes your habit, your practice and your beliefs.