How to Grow Morning Glory Flowers?

The flowers are known for their old-fashioned beauty! The morning glory flower comes in bright, vibrant purples, blues, and pinks. These beautiful blossoms will grow year after year and are an incredible choice to bring happy, positive vibes to your place. Also, the birds and bees love their blooms.

How to Grow Morning Glory Flowers?

Morning glory is one of the most favorite of gardeners because they need very little maintenance to grow. Get them support or plant a trellis, and the vines will easily grow.

Please note that all morning glory species are toxic to humans and pets.

Quick Pointers: Morning Glory Flowers

  • Morning Glory Flowers come in vibrant and grand-rich hues of bold purple, red, pink, and blue.
  • This gorgeous plant blooms during the time of late summer to early fall.
  • The vibrant morning glory can climb up 6-8 feet when supported.
  • They thrive in full sun and consistent moisture.

How to Grow Morning Glory Flowers

Site preparation is the first thing you do while you prepare to grow morning glory flowers. Select a site that sees adequate sunlight. The site should also have moisture and well-drained soil.

Morning Glory Flowers sees a long growing season, so the best time to sow it is in the early to mid-spring season. Growing them from seeds is simple and easy.

Below we are listing quick pointers you should follow to have the best results:

1.) The seeds must be soaked in warm water overnight so that the hard seed coat gets soft. You can also rub the seeds with sandpaper and then soak them overnight. Growing morning glory in pots is also very easy. When planting indoors, ensure you keep the planter in a warm area so the seed can germinate, and you can get the best results after sowing the seeds half an inch deep.

2.) When planting the seeds outdoors, sow them half an inch deep after the last frost. Keep them moist, and they will germinate in 6-21 days.

3.) Seeds can be planted a few inches apart to get better results. Water the seeds thoroughly and keep the soil moist till it sprouts.

4.) If planting a trellis, then it's fine; otherwise, provide the support so the vines can easily grow and climb.

5.) If you are facing troubles while growing the morning glory, ensure it absorbs adequate sunlight.

6.) If provided the adequate essentials, like consistent and regular watering and sunlight, it generally blooms in the mid to late summers.

Care Tips for Morning Glory:

Light: Your Morning glory should get adequate and direct sunlight to thrive. It will bloom the most if you show them the light for at least 6-8 hours a day.

Water: It is extremely important to water adequately, especially when sowing seeds. Regular watering of morning glories will keep the roots moist.

Soil: The Plant can be grown in any soil, but moist but well-drained soil is more suitable. For the blooms, the plant needs soil that is not too rich in organic matter.

Fertilizer: During their time of growth, feed your plant every four to five weeks with low-nitrogen fertilizers

Diseases and Insect Attack:

There are very few chances of morning glory catching any disease or being bothered by insects. But if faced with wet weather, they might experience some fungal issues like white blisters, leaf spots, stem rot etc.

Find the morning glory flowers online and bring yourself a fantastic experience of parenting this beautiful plant.