Herb Flower Bouquets - Fresh, Fragrant, and Beautiful

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. And, when these blooming beauties are snuggled with nature’s healing herbs in a bunch of flowers, a breathtaking beauty to behold awaits you. Fresh and dried stems of herbs in refreshing, revitalizing, and harmonious hues of green are coupled with tender, sprightly coloured flowers for texture, invigorating fragrance, and exquisite charm that leaves you gawking at the herb bouquet for hours.

Not only for natural splendour, but bouquets are also decked with herbs for sentimental value and for illustrative purposes. Like rosemary herb bundle bouquet for remembrance, lavender for devotion, sage for wisdom, thyme for courage and valour.

From the English and European Victorian Era, herb flower bouquet has been an indivisible part of Mother’s Day gifting tradition and stealing hearts as wedding bouquet and wedding table centrepieces. There’s more to this nature’s bounty--herbs. It makes for an inexpensive and organic bouquet filler that is enough to herb your enthusiasm for herbal and flower arrangements.

Herb Flower Bouquets

Bask in the glory of botanical bliss by beautifying your flower bouquets with these herbs:

1. Lavender

Pretty and fragrant lavender herbs, when added to a bouquet of white alyssum flowers or sunkissed yellow florals, makes for an enchanting beauty that is worth gazing and sniffing for hours. The bonus, lavender dries beautifully.


2. Rosemary

A herb bouquet gift that looks straight out from a fresh garden is the one having rosemary along with peonies, and sage. Rosemary is an excellent bouquet filler, and when used at a taller height, they lend to the arrangement a unique wildness. Once dried, you can crush and sprinkle it on your baguette or stews.


3. Sage

A flower and herb arrangement with sage exudes magnificence at its best worthy manner. Owing to its bulkier characteristics, it is an incredible filler for making bouquets look luscious. The tri-colour purple sage varieties best complement flowers of verbena and coreopsis. Whereas, the grey-green sage looks drop-dead gorgeous with pink garden rose.


4. Oregano

The flowering oregano herb blooming in liliac, iris, mauve, plum, wine shades of purple nestled with flowers looks majestic beyond imagination; thus adding to the herb flower bouquet texture and colour.


5. Parsley

The bouquet garni parsley adorns the bouquet of strawflower and helianthus with a touch of forest green; thus extending the arrangement a revivifying and enlivening vibe that is to die for.


6. Scented Geranium

Every florist's favourite-- scented geranium because of the bright green colour, distinctive scalloped leaves, and sweet scent idyllic for hand-tied bouquets and small-scale arrangements.

Scented Geranium

7. Mint

Summers are all for fresh mint leaves. Amalgamate scented pink, white, purple garden roses and cosmos with mint leaves for creating a flower-herb arrangement that is refreshing to the senses and alluring to the eyes.


8. Thyme

For mesmerizing arrangement, add short-stemmed thyme herb to bright coloured flowers. Thyme is best for attractive little bouquets or teacup displays at the dining table.


9. Chives

Accentuate the splendour of a nigella bouquet by adding long green stems of Chives having purple blooms. The union of chive with flowers will make the bouquet look like it has been gathered from the gardens of Europe and Asia.


10. Kale

Add a pop of colour and elegance to your bouquet by merging flowers with deep green and purple Kale herbal stems and leaves. This fusion is perfect for centrepieces and bridal bouquets.


DIY Tips For Creating Herb Bouquets

●Pluck from the garden, hydrated and fresh herbal stems.
●Cut the stems at 45 degrees angle so that it can soak in as much water as possible.
●Use mason jars, dolchi, tea cups for vases.
●Fill the container with clean, filtered water.
●Arrange the herbs and flowers artistically in the vase. You can also DIY hand-tied bouquets.
●Once the herbs start to dry, you can prune and bring them back to life. Change water frequently.
●Keep the arrangements away from direct sunlight.
●Once the herbs have dried completely, you can use them for cooking purposes.
●For designer flower and herb arrangements, browse cyberspace for inspiration.

Herb-filled bouquets are natural enchantresses! Adore them for their beauty, fragrance, symbolism, and healing benefits.