7 Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are special opportunities to give gifts to friends and family. But, there is something very lovable, personal and meaningful about gifts that you handcraft with your hands. So, here we are sharing with you homemade birthday gift ideas. These ideas are for everyone whose birthday is important for you in life.

7 Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Scented Candles

Candles create a beautiful and aromatic ambience in the home. Hence, they make an excellent birthday gift for everyone. When you make them at home; you have the choice to customize it as per the liking of the recipient making your gifting gesture more unique. recipient making your gifting gesture more unique.
In a heating pan, melt candle wax or soy.
Add colour and fragrance to the melted wax
Pour the melted wax into a container (glass jar)
Insert a wick, and use popsicle sticks to hold it in place.
When the wax cools down completely, trim the wick as per desired.
Finish the jar with ribbons or a message card.

Scented Candles

2. Jar Cakes

Birthdays and cakes go hand-in-hand. Jar cakes are one sweet way to treat a birthday person. Only with a few baking ingredients, you can make this edible gift for your loved ones.
Bake a cake in any flavour.
Once it completely cools down, crumble the cake.
Take a mason jar, and layer it with the cake crumbs.
Over the cake, make one layer with whipping cream
Repeat the process until you reach the top of the jar.
Close the lid.
Decorate the outer jar with birthday confetti and ornaments.

Jar Cakes

3. Embroidered Card Holder

If you are planning to give greeting cards, gift cards, on birthday, then make it more appealing by placing them in a handmade cardholder. It is pretty and more sustainable than paper envelopes.
Take a leather or cloth piece. Mark the lines and cut it into a rectangle.
The rectangle should be approximately 4.25” X 8.5”
Fold the leather/cloth in a case holder or envelope shape. When you fold, make sure there is ample space to hold the cards. Seal the edges.
Now, using embroidery needles and floss, sew designs or name.
Attach the cord to the flap.

Embroidered Card Holder

4. Jewellery Dishes

She needs a place to store her valuables. Beautiful jewellery dishes handcrafted with a heart that would also double as decor pieces is a gift out of the ordinary.
Work on a small amount of oven-bake clay until it becomes soft.
Clean the surface and roll the clay on it.
Using a round cutter or utensil, cut a clean circle out of the clay
Smoothen edges with your hand.
Put the clay in an oven bowl and bake it. The bowl should curve the edges while it bakes.
Paint the rim of the bowl in gold.
On the inner side you can make floral designs with the paint or you can use spray paints for abstract design. As per your creativity, paint the dish.

Jewellery Dishes

5. Embroidery Birthday Hoop

It’s all in the detailing! An embroidered hoop with personalised birthday message is sure to be loved beyond words by the recipient.
Get from the market or online, round hoop of any size, quilting cloth, embroidery floss and needles.
Sew any design on the hoop. You can take inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and Google images.
Also, sew a birthday wish or just “Happy Birthday” on the hoop.

Embroidery Birthday Hoop

6. Gift Pitara

If you have order birthday gifts online in advance, then lend them a personalised touch by giving them in a Pitara box. Make the recipient unbox happiness and love!
Take a shoe box or any solid carton or cardboard box.
Wrap it using coloured papers.
Decorate it with DIY embellishment such as Happy Birthday bunting, paper flowers, photo cards, message cards, etc.
Carefully place in the box all the gifts and hand it over.

Gift Pitara

7. Birthday Wish Cookies

Like, Fortune cookies, make birthday wish cookies. A sentimental gift to melt the heart of a birthday person into happy tears.
On colourful paper strips, write down birthday greetings and messages
Take 4-5 printed square paper sheets.
Cut a circle out of the printed paper. Fold it half and stick the middle part of the paper.
Insert the paper strip on which the message is written into the semi-circle. Leave one end of the paper peeping out of the circle.
Push the centre and fold the edges in a manner that the backside is folded and the front side remains smooth.
It should look like the ones in the image.

Birthday Wish Cookies

Homemade gifts are the best you can give to someone on their birthday! We hope you have got enough ideas to make one with love for them.