How to Add Fresh Flowers on a Cake

Aromatic, fresh flowers beautify the top of a delicious cake. If you ask from us, then fresh flowers are a lovely way to decorate cakes. Peculiar fresh flowers enrich your decadent cake and make it worth presenting to the guests or anyone you desire to offer.

This process is pretty straightforward but assembling the right flowers and preventing them not wilting is challenging enough. You would usually find flower inserts placed on top of each tier.

cake decoration with flowers

Simply by sliding the floral stem through several holes in the insert to secure and put it on top of a thin cake board between the layers. If desired, secure more stems to the middle or bottom of the cake.

Here is a simple guide on how to put fresh flowers on the cake without making anyone sick.

Why do you need to make flowers food safe?

Apart from leaching toxic chemicals into your cake, various flowers are poisonous to humans if eaten. Some of these flowers can lead to an upset stomach, but some are deadly poisonous.

However, that doesn’t mean you CAN’T use all these flowers on your cake, but you should take extra precautions to ensure they are sealed, safe, and clean before placing them on the cake.

STEP 1 – Where do you buy fresh flowers for your cake

You need to ensure that you buy more flowers than you think you need because some of the flowers might wilt and not look very nice when it’s time to use them.

Opt for some flowers that are large as the main attraction and then some smaller flowers and leaves to use as fillers. If you are only using large flowers, it will be harder to fill in the gaps in certain areas.

STEP 2 – How to keep fresh flowers from wilting

Generally, flowers come with a packet of flower vitamins that you mix in with the water to help keep them fresh. Follow the instructions on mixing this, and then keep your flowers in water until you use them to avoid wilting.

STEP 3 - What tools and materials do i need to put fresh flowers on the cake

You’ll need floral tape, scissors and plastic wrap. You can also use straws, or water picks, as those work pretty good too, but sometimes the stems are too thick for the straws.

STEP 4 – How to make fresh flowers food safe

Making your fresh flower food safe is pretty simple, although it can be time-consuming, and it depends on how many flowers you need to put on the cake. You should typically allow yourself an extra hour at set-up to place real flower cake decorations.

Cut your large main flower and a few smaller flowers to accent it.

Trim some plastic wrap to around a 3″x3″ square.

Take around 4″ of floral tape. Give it a bit of a stretch to activate the stickiness. Wrap the floral tape around the plastic wrap to secure it to the flower, and hence your fresh flower cake topper will look amazing.

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fresh flower cake topper

What are some other ways to make flowers food safe?

You can also use “Safety Seal.” It is food safe wax that, when melted, you can dip the stems of flowers into the wax to seal them. This is awesome if you have access to a microwave when you need to put the flowers into the cake.

So here was the complete guide on cake decoration with flowers. Now that you know how to put fresh flowers on a cake, you can easily put real flower cake decorations. A fresh flower cake design is simple and can be the life of any party.

So next time you have an event planned, you can indeed consider getting a flower cake for your guests.

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