How to Avoid Awkward Gifting Moments?

Remember that one particular day when everyone showed up with a present except you? Or when it became awkward when you handed over a gift to someone? Yeah! We all have been there, facing a terrible gift-giving situation is something no one ever wants to encounter. Well, there are certain ways through which you can avoid these awkward situations and become the best gift-giver/receiver of the group, if you wanna know the secret then read on!

Keep an “ emergency” stack

For all those sudden moments, when you are invited to a party out of nowhere, or when you have a small get-together at your place and someone shows up with a gift for you. To get out of all those awkward moments, keep a stack of some presents at your place all the time. Remember those presents must be some overall casual, that is not gender or age-specific. Something like an indoor plant, some indoor decor, or a chocolate box. They can be found easily anywhere or you can find under online gifts on any website. Whatever you go for, don’t forget to wrap them up nicely.

Prepare your “no gift face”

Things get awkward not only when you forget a gift, but also when someone else forgets to get a gift for you, especially when you hand them a present. Prepare your face in a way that doesn’t show how disappointed you feel and do not bring the part up again. Sometimes trying to make it better, makes it even worse. So, do not try to console them with words like ‘it's okay! You don’t have to get me anything.’, or ‘just because I got you something, doesn’t mean you have to get me something too.’ Just hand over the gift politely and do not bring it up again, it will be okay soon!

Getting something you don’t want

What’s worst than getting no gift? Getting something you do not want! Your face says it all when you do not like what the other person has got you, therefore, try to be grateful and gracious about the entire situation. We are not telling you to lie, but instead of fake praising the gift, try to point out how happy you are that the person took out time to attend or how grateful you are that they put in some effort to get a present for you. As not everyone is familiar with you, it is an honest mistake and must be treated as such.

Do not over expect

The worst feeling is when you are expecting something and get something else. Again, not everyone knows you personally and will not gift you exactly what you want. Therefore, it’s better if you do not expect anything and prepare yourself for all the surprises. That way you will be able to enjoy your presents in a better way and will appreciate all the gifts and efforts from your friends and family.

Gift-giving and receiving are an incredibly important part of our social life, and it is so frequent that we are bound to mess up and make it awkward at one point or another. With some genuine efforts and by ordering some unique gifts online you can avoid the awkwardness and get better at this social protocol.