How To Grow Bougainvillea Bonsai From Seed

You must have noticed pink and white flowers in bushes, gardens, trellis. Every time you look at these ornamenatal plants, you ask the plant parent or Google the flower's name. It’s the Bougainvillea flowers. Bougainvillaea is a genus of ornamental vines, trees, bushes, belonging to the Nyctaginaceae. These flowers are evergreen in areas where rainfall occurs annually.
Bougainvillaea is beautiful and is cultivated widely by plant admirers and lovers. Here’s how to propagate bougainvillaea from seeds.

How To Grow Bougainvillea Bonsai From Seed

Step1: Gather Seeds:

The crucial step is to gather viable seeds for propagating bougainvillea. Full-grown plants are an excellent source of seeds. When growing the flower from seed, look for colourful bract that surrounds the flower. Wait for the bract to get dry. Inside the bract, there are three pods, each containing seeds. Seeds take a month to ripen. Seeds should be plump and brown. Remove seed from the pod.

Step 2: Preparation:

Propagating Bougainvillea from seed have similar requirements as that of a mature plant. It demands well-draining soil, adequate sunlight, and favourable growing conditions. Choose quality potting soil, a container that can hold the growth of the bougainvillaea. Collect all the materials required, and make sure the climatic conditions are complimentary.

Step 3: Plant The Seeds:

First, sow the seeds on the surface of the soil. Then, rake and sow them to the depth of 2-3 times the thickness of the seed. Water the seeds regularly. Keep the soil moist as it helps in germination. Some bougainvillaea seeds may show early signs of growth, but not all. Stay patient. They make take 30 days to germinate as well.

If not seeds, Bougainvilleae seeds can be propagated through cuttings. A guide on how to grow bougainvillea from cuttings

How To Grow Bougainvillea Bonsai From Seed

This is one of the easiest ways to propagate the Bougainvillaea plant. Through this method, you can grow the bonsai plant at any time of the year. Always go for softwood cutting.

Step 1:

Cut the softwood at the length of 4 to 5 inches (10-13 cm) with 4-6 nodes. Remove any leaves from the cutting.

Step 2:

Insert the cutting into the soil at a depth of 2.5-5 cm. Keep the pot warm. Spray water to moisten the soil. But, do not over-water it. In a few months, roots will start to develop.

Step 3:

You can repot the plant with new roots into a new pot